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Welcome to the Freedive Academy Panglao!

Being an SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer, SSI Swim Teacher Trainer, an AIDA and World Series of Freediving instructor, and a competitive depth freediver I know that proper education and training is vital for the enjoyment and safety of the sport. Luckily I’m based in Panglao Philippines where we have with our freediving centre direct access to the best freedive spot in Asia – and arguably of the world.

I’m also very lucky to call freedive mecca Dahab in Egypt my home away from home, and have been fortunate to be doing depth training there – and here in Panglao, with some of the best freedivers in the world.

As a pro freediver, I know that finding proper guidance in training, finding buddies and developing plans and goals can be complicated while you only want to explore the sport and dive deep.

We were able to make the Freedive Academy Panglao a freediving home with highly skilled professional instructors for all levels from beginners up to Instructors and Instructor Trainers. We make freediving education and training fun, accessible and easy. 

We hope to see you soon in tropical Panglao Philippines.

Vincent Sparreboom
Freedive Academy Panglao Founder & Owner,
International Business Developer, Instructor Trainer & Coach

A Professional Freedive Development Centre in the Heart of the Philippines

A Home for Beginners and Champions, Future Champions and those becoming Professionals

Maybe you want to learn how to freedive, do a beginner freediving course and try freediving for the first time. Perhaps you are ready to take your freediving to the next level by becoming a Master or an Instructor. The Freedive Academy Panglao always has something nice to offer. We have beginner Level 1 and 2 courses starting every couple of days, and we run Level 3 and SSI Instructor Courses pretty much every month. If you are a Master; join us and jump in at any time, we have Masters ready to join you on the buoy year-round.

We have a big freediving centre, fully equipped with high-quality materials and premium gear, designed explicitly for freediving. We’re located 300 meters from the ocean with coral wall and massive drop-off at only 10 meters from shore. The island is surrounded by palm, banana and coconut trees, and with the tropical clear blue waters of the Philippines, we know you’ll enjoy the flip-flop freediver lifestyle on Panglao.

Here you will find more information about Freediving in the Philippines.

Directly from Panglao; the Freedive Academy Panglao iMagazine

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Spectacular Freediving, Training and Coaching in Panglao!

It truly is, taking a freediving course in the Philippines is simply spectacular! Panglao is a beautiful green island perfect for learning how to freedive or further develop your freediving skills. From our freediving centre, we have access to the best freediving location in Asia, perhaps in the world! This, plus, you will be surrounded by coconuts, palm and banana trees and this makes Panglao Island the ultimate dream location for freediving and perfect for level 1 and level 2 courses. We teach all possible levels in freedive education including all instructor levels and speciality instructor levels!

We access the ocean with a comfortable 2-minute scooter ride, with our shuttle car or with a 300-meter walk. We have a spectacular reef, fixed -50, -80 and -130 meter dive lines at swimming distance, and always fish around. With near perfect conditions year-round, we can bring you to the dive lines any time of the day, and any day of the year. Because we have easy access, we can offer the lowest training rates for masters and fellow instructors in the industry, starting at only $350 a month. And this while you are diving at the best freedive location in Asia!

This is how it is to Freedive with us in Panglao!

We have also developed a complete set of Freedive Training programs for Master Freedivers. You start with this in Panglao, and you continue with this at home via online coaching and training – in-water, dry-training, fitness, and nutrition. Furthermore, whether you are looking to get back at depth, want to improve your dive time or as most of us want; go deeper! We have the Master Instructors and Trainers to help you reach your goals.

But let’s be honest here; you are travelling all the way to Bohol, you want to enjoy the freediver flip flop lifestyle too, and life on Panglao is perfect for this. Short’s, flip-flops, riding around the island on a scooter, palm trees and greens everywhere, white sandy beaches, enjoying the many many great restaurants with as many fresh juices as you want – Panglao is a tropical paradise!

Same goes for the ocean! Near perfect diving conditions year-round with a water temperature of 26 – 31C. You’ll have via a short swim easy access to unlimited depth with 30 to 40-meter visibility. You will always be surrounded by tropical fish, and while it’s rare; at the dive lines we’ve regularly seen whale sharks, pilot, minky and grey whales, manta’s and rays, dolphins varying from 2 or 3 to pods of 80 to 100, and twice we even had a blue whale (!!!) at the lines – the Philippines waters have it all!

Check out the Freedive in Panglao page, and contact us with your goals, plans, and wishes, and we’ll tell you all that you need to know, and we can help you.

We hope to see you soon in the tropical clear blue waters of Panglao Philippines!


But of course, you don’t believe us…

But this is what some of the many visitors had to say about our centre and our freediving family in Panglao!

Alexey Molchanov – World Champion CWT & CNF and multiple WR holder

I like it here a lot! Super nice conditions for deep diving, very friendly people and super professional instructors – after I taught them :p I will definitely come back for more adventures!

Şahika Ercümen – World Record Holder

Freedive Academy Panglao was much more than an amazing freediving center. It was like a family. It was my first time in the Philippines and after my first training with Freedive Academy Panglao, I already started to plan my second visit and after 1 month I am now coming back to this beautiful centre. We only swim 20-30 meters from the shore to train, water is warm and calm most of the time and everybody is full of positive energy. What can I ask more? It is definitely one of my favourite destinations. I am so grateful to the Freedive Academy Panglao family. See you soon.

Evren Orhon – Coach of the Turkish National Freediving Team

I came to train to Freedive Academy Panglao in December 2015 and stayed there for four months. The strongest part of Freedive Academy Panglao is it’s location. You don’t need a boat to go diving. The depth is just right next to you!! The club’s location is so good that in four months I only had two non diveable days. The pool next to the club building offers great static opportunity, even at night time. The staff is so helpful not only in the water but on anything you need about your stay or moving around. Freedive Academy Panglao is a must visit point for all freedivers. The only concern is you can get hooked and may not like your next freediving destination as much.

Elliot Hyomin Kim – Korean National Team Coach and National Record Holder

I have been training for a long time all over the world. From Asia to Europe including four world championships as an athlete and coach. The freediving location is very important from beginner to deep diver. Here at Freedive Academy Panglao, you can approach all the buoy’s from beginner to 150m deep within 200m from shore. Weather is also fantastic as I am staying here for two months from June to July. I have not had a single day on which I could not dive due to the weather conditions. The person here in charge of the center, Vincent, is super nice person who loves the ocean and will welcome everybody with the best hospitality, If you have not yet tried to Freedive Academy Panglao. I strongly recommend you to TRY.

Davide Carrera – World Champion and World Record Holder

I spent the firsts two week an half of this January at Freedive Academy Panglao for training, from the first mail I understood that Vincent was a very kind and generous person, at that time he wasn’t there cause he was in India to improve his yoga, but his Team welcomed me and I felt at home from the beginning.

The depth is just in front of the dock, 30 seconds walking from the school and 45 seconds from my room 🙂 warm water and normally not much current, perfect conditions and the team is smiling all the time, very kind, responsible, professional and always ready to go in the water and make you feel safe and part of the team.

In few minutes by scooter it’s easy to find fresh and local fruits and vegetables and other good food, Philippines people are very nice people, I always felt nice vibes everywhere I went, also in town, everybody smiling and ready to help you….I loved this place very much and I’m missing it, I hope to come back soon…Thanks again everybody!

Vincent Mathieu – World Champion Static

You cannot say anything less about Freedive Academy Panglao than that it’s a simply magical environment. With the perfect training conditions – visibility of 30m and a similar 30 degrees Celsius at the moment – in a calm sea, you have all you need to progress from 5 to 95m of depth.

I certified 9 minutes + static in the swimming pool at Freedive Academy Panglao. I recommend training by the colors of the sunset or during the evening with the mood lights on and the stars shining down.

And what to say about the drop-off… You would believe it was made especially for freedivers. Lying down on the 25-meter curbed edge you can admire the corals from underneath, spectacular color changes and incredible species that will delight both biology amateurs and underwater photographers. Did I already mention the family of sardines who form an essential element of the ecosystem at this part of the drop-off? Not to be missed are the hunting fish and the hungry needlefish around.

If you want a great freedive center, this is the place to go ;-)!

Thanks to Vincent, and Sebastian for their kindness and hospitality. I look forward to see you again soon.

Do you want to see more testimonials? Have a look at this page! 5 Star reviews all the way!

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Directly from Panglao; the Freedive Academy Panglao iMagazine

Freediving, Travelling, the Oceans and a whole lot of Awesomeness!

Once every two weeks directly in your mailbox – all the cool stuff that we only share with our Premium members.

With this free subscription (which you can cancel at any time with one click) you will receive all the goodies you won’t immediately find on our social media. With the Freedive Academy Panglao ‘club’, you will be the first to get the goodies, exclusive invites, and you’ll be the first to read about news and trends about freediving in the Philippines.

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Recreational Courses and Professional Freedive Development

From Beginner to Instructor Trainer, and all sort’s of Specialities – we can offer it all!

  We are a true professional freedive development centre with 1, 2 and 3-month internships where we offer our interns in exchange for helping out, a big discount on the courses, free housing and free lunches.

  The Freedive Academy Panglao is the only freediving centre in the world (!) that offers Internships, Freediving Zero to Hero programs, and Professional Development programs with the possibility to also become a Swim Teacher or Mermaid Instructor!

Recreational Courses:

  • List item image
    SSI Try & Basic Freediving
  • List item image
    SSI Level 1
  • List item image
    SSI Level 2
  • List item image
    SSI Level 3

SSI Speciality Freediving:

In Panglao, we offer all possible freediving specialities like; Monofin, Training Tables, Free Immersion, No Fins, Scooter/DPV Diving, Variable Weight, React Right and Diver Stress & Rescue.

Professional Development:

Competitive Freediving:

  • List item image
    AIDA Competition Freediver
  • List item image
    AIDA Competition Safety Freediver
  • List item image
    Master and Training Programs

We teach our freediving courses in the following languages. However, we also regularly work with translators so please feel free to contact us anytime to check if your classes can be taught in your language.

Regardless of which AIDA or SSI freediving course you want to take; we’ll encourage you and help you boost your confidence in the water. Learn to freedive with our fantastic team of professional instructors who will help and motivate you throughout your course. Our freediving courses are designed to give you the most enjoyable and safest freediving experience possible. Learn and love freediving with us!

Action-Packed Adventure Vacations in South East Asia!

Freediving is so much more than going up and down the line!

Yes, freediving is much much more! Freediving is making new friends from all over the world, discovering new places, seeing the most amazing sunsets imaginable, trying out new dishes in exotic restaurants, falling asleep on the sounds of Gecko’s, playing with whale sharks and dolphins, dirty shorts and worn-down flip-flops, cruising around the island on your scooter, freediving is a way of life. You come to visit us to improve your freediving skills – naturally! But when you have the time; Panglao and the Philippines have so much more to offer! With the Freedive Academy Panglao you can take a Swim Teacher course or a Mermaid Instructor course, and as a Freediving Instructor or future SSI Freediving Instructor, this, of course, is a golden opportunity to expand your market. If you are looking for more leisure and exciting times; Panglao and the province Bohol won’t disappoint! It’s more fun in the Philippines!