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Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuit


Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits

The Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits are TOP of the line wetsuits for those freedivers who only want the best! The Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits are made of SCS (Super Composite Skin).

Yamamoto 45 is a top of the range neoprene product with great elasticity to reduce resistance to tears, easier to wear and comfortable either when worn dry or wet. The low resistance of SCS gives the freediving wetsuits many advantages. It helps increasing speed when diving or swimming. It keeps the body warmer and decrease body fatigue. It also has high stretch ability providing comfort and extra freedom of movement.

You can’t go wrong with the new line of Double K; the Yamamoto 45 sport wetsuits.