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Heavy Duty WaterWay Monofin Bag


Heavy Duty Monobag

WaterWay’s monobag just received an upgrade by going heavy duty! This new bag from WaterWay can store and carry up to 23 kg. What’s more, it also has the side strap and two back straps like your much-loved monobag, but created with added comfort and durability. Go heavy duty and your trips will be breezy!

Waterway Monofin Bag


Waterway Monobag

There is no better storage case or travel bag for your monofin than WaterWay’s very own monobag. The monobag comes with a side strap and a back strap for the best use and comfort. Whether you are flying via plane or on a boat to your dive site, it is ideal to have the monobag. So get your very own monobag now and carry your fin with you wherever you go!