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WaterWay FishTail Glide Monofin


FishTail Glide Monofin

The Fishtail Glide Monofin is a new version of the well-known Glide. The fishtail is the new shape that leads to more responsiveness, better power efficiency, and better depth. The fin is ideal for underwater diving and finswimming, and even competitive free diving and finswimming for immersion distances. The new fishtail blade is custom-made and hand-made for free divers. The fin also has WaterWay’s revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that are both sturdy and provide the best grip. The right size of foot pockets can definitely lead to the best possible energy transfer. Take a dive with the Fishtail Glide Monofin and feel the difference!

WaterWay Freediving Lite Glide-fin


Freediving Lite Glide-fin

Fans of the Freediving Glide-fin can check out the lite version – the WaterWay Freediving Lite Glide-fin. Compared to the original monofin, the Lite Glide-fin only weighs a fraction at 3 kg. The lite glide-fin’s blade is more lightweight and offers a multitude of blade stiffness and colors for free divers to choose from. WaterWay takes pride in the monofin’s new softer foot pockets, where soft neoprene is glued in the inside of the foot pockets. The right fit for you can make you stay and swim in the water for hours. It’s about time that you find that right light fit to your free diving adventures!

WaterWay Carbon Glide-fin Monofin


Freediving Carbon Glide-fin

The Freediving Carbon Glide-fin is a leader in high-performance monofins. The monofin’s blade is made of lightweight carbon fiber that enables the free diver to go deeper for longer periods of time. WaterWay offers different blade stiffness levels to choose from, depending on your fin use and diving style. It also has revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that come in different combinations of lengths and widths. The level of customization and the open-heel design ensure optimal grip and efficient energy transfer. The combination of the WaterWay brand, and the attestation of world record-holders prove that indeed, the Freediving Carbon Glide-fin is one of the best in the world.

WaterWay Nemo Wing Monofin


WaterWay Nemo Wing Monofin

The Nemo Wing is especially designed for recreational diving and swimming. Teenagers and adults alike can enjoy this product if they want to enjoy free diving as a past time or as an exercise regimen. The Nemo Wing is also versatile – it’s the right fin to bring swimming in the river, lake, or ocean. It’s indeed perfect for the outdoors! You can have fun and have an enjoyable time reaching new speeds and depths with its flexible blade. Making your outdoor trips and workout times more enjoyable and comfortable – this is what the Nemo Wing Monofin is all about. Go buy it now!

WaterWay Monofin DoZo


WaterWay Monofin DoZo

Are you looking for a monofin to “kickoff” your training? If so, Monofin DoZo might just be the perfect fin for you. Designed specifically for training and improving your form, this monofin is great for practicing your butterfly kick and building the muscles that you need for free diving. Monofin DoZo is 50 cm by 50 cm and made with durable composite fiber. It also comes with colored foot pockets of different sizes. With all of its features, it’s no wonder why a lot of free divers choose Monofin DoZo as their fin for training. Experience the high quality of WaterWay and strengthen your technique with it!

WaterWay Model 2 Monofin


WaterWay Model 2 Monofin

Said to be WaterWay’s most popular blade, it’s hard not to take a look at the WaterWay Model 2 Monofin. The monofin definitely has one of the best designs in the market, because even world record holder Stefano Figini uses it for training. The 66cm blade made of fiberglass comes in different stiffness levels, and its colored foot pockets are just the right hardness. These variations ensure that the monofin is for any expertise and body type. All these factors make it clear why WaterWay’s Model 2 Monofin is the favorite in the market. Check it out and discover the many reasons why it’s specially made for you!

WaterWay Model 1 Monofin


WaterWay Model 1 Monofin

Experience free diving with one of the classic monofin designs – the WaterWay Model 1 monofin! Its 70cm-wide blade is made of high quality fiber glass and WaterWay’s specially designed resins. WaterWay guarantees the same thrust and power for over 2000 km. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced free diver, WaterWay offers different blade stiffness levels and foot pocket sizes that are perfect for you. The overall design of this monofin is proof of why WaterWay has been in the free diving market for years. Be a part of the WaterWay experience now with the Model 1 Monofin!