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This event was February 2016 during the opening of our center  in Panglao Philippines. Be sure to check out to below video of the whole camp. Be sure to check out the following page if you want to know more about Freediving in the Philippines.

The Secrets of Deepdiving Revealed!
How to go to -70 and beyond!

There is nothing worse discovering than going on a freedive trip or preparing for that competition that it will take you weeks to get back at depth. That you have problems equalizing, or that you’re not in shape, and that the lactic acid kicks in almost immediately. You feel that your technique is failing on you, and the contractions are ruining your dives. And then, finally when you are able to dive, and do where you came for that you only have a short time to break those pesky PB’s… And we all want to break those PB’s and go deeper.

It's Time for a Different Approach!
Join World Record holder Alexey Molchanov's Training Camp

Alexey Molchanov is coming to the Freedive Capital of Asia Panglao in the Philippines for the official opening of our new-build freedive center, and to celebrate Chinese New Year. And to complete this week of festivities we’ve composed a first-ever 5-day, 6 to 7 hour a day high-performance training camp on how to go from -30 or -40 to -70 and beyond. And who better to teach you these skills than Alexey Molchanov?!

Reigning World Champion CWT & CNF

This man made freediving look so easy when he became World Champion CWT and CNF at the Depth World Championship in Cyrus last September. But we all knew Alexey was the man to watch this tournament. Not only does he have the current WR CWT of -128 meters, but with official personal bests of FIM -114, CNF -96 and DYN 258 meter he always is one of the contestants to watch out for whether it is in the pool or at depth competitions.

He is the president of the Russian Freediving Federation, a busy instructor trainer and course director, and has a busy competition tour, but yet he knows how to combine it all to be successful at the competitions. He is able to combine his busy schedule with his though and rigorous training program, and does this with his freediving philosophy “a happy freediver is a good freediver”. And a happy freediver he is with all of his World Championship titles, and numerous International and National Records. Alexey Molchanov is the best freediver in the World!

A Champion's Approach to Freediving
You Will Learn to Prepare for Progress

If you are chasing PB’s, you want to go deeper, and want to improve your breath hold and freediving skills – freediving can be dangerous, and whether your PB is -20, -30, -40 or -60 meter, you simply cannot just give it a try and see what happens. You need to be prepared for breaking PB’s, you need to be fit and healthy, you need to have the knowledge and skills in place to go out there and be awesome!

This is your One-Time chance!
5 days Training with, and Learning from the Best Freediver in the World!

On February 8th, the day of Chinese New year we’re officially opening our brand new new-build center in Panglao Philippines, and are we celebrating the Chinese New Year with freedivers from around the world. And during this week of festivities, Alexey Molchanov is coming over to the Philippines to do a first time ever 5-day high-performance deep diving training camp!

But be warned; this isn’t one of those usual ‘let’s have some fun’ workshops or those boring ‘cool we’re talking about freediving’ lectures…This training camp is for those who are serious about going deeper, those who are willing to put in the time and effort to become the best divers they can be, this camp is for those who need to go deep! 

What do you get when you're accepted for this training camp?!

The actual camp starts on February 4th and will end on the 9th, but if possible you should be ready before that. We only take on a limited amount of candidates, because we will do a lot of one-on-one work, and if it’s possible we will ask you to send in video footage of your diving before the camp so Alexey can analyse this before the actual camp. Keep in mind; this camp main objective is; you need to become a better freediver! If it’s not possible to send in footage; don’t worry about it. During the week we have a media team with 2 video, and 1 photo camera man recording everything. During the week you will have several classroom and small team opportunities to personally discuss and analyse your diving with Alexey.

Multiple sessions a day with the World Champion! These 5 days are intense! Every day there will be at least 1 deep diving session – we are the only center in the world with a 120-meter buoy right in front of the center so unless you’re shooting for world records, the depth shouldn’t be a problem. The days will start with a brief classroom session where we’ll discuss the morning deep dive session and go over the previous day. After the deep-diving session we’ll have lunch all together, and do we start with a second 3-hour block with Alexey. The second session Alexey will either be a full classroom or a combination of short classroom meeting and a dry training and/or pool session. With a total of 6 to 7 hours a day, it’s 2 to 3 times more training than you will get with most workshops – this really is a training camp like no other!

We’ll talk about training programs, and help you develop yours. We understand that not everyone has access year round to depth so we’ll show what you can you can do at home when you are not doing any deep diving. You will learn how to prepare yourself for deep training so when you’re on vacation, ready and fit to go deep! We’ll also talk about preparing for the competitions so that you are fit and ready to make those deep dives and break your official PB’s.

Breaking personal best’s and diving deeper than before starts on land with the dry-training. We’ll show you exercises for the gym, exercises that you can do at home to improve your breath hold and build up resistance against lactic acid. We’ll show you advanced mouthfill practices that you can do at home in front of a mirror or simply when you’re watching TV or doing computer work.

Technique lessons on land, in open water and in the pool. It’s easier to focus on the details before going into open water. With the technique sessions and training we’ll work on the details; how to do a proper kick and get maximum propulsion with minimum effort. What is the most efficient body position for freefalling? How to hold you arms so you’ll burn less energy. And much and much more; when you’re going deep it’s all about the details!

Classroom sessions where we discuss how to approach freediving. When you meet another freediver the first thing that is asked is ‘what is your PB?’ and yet we all know that looking at numbers isn’t the right approach, because unreached goals become frustrating, and in a mental sport as freediving the last thing you need is frustration. And how Alexey puts it; a happy freediver is a good freediver!

Are you ready to learn from the Best in the World?
No doubt: this man will take you to new depths!

There aren’t many people on this planet who come close to what he has accomplished!

  • He got a Gold Medal and World Record in 2008 being the first to break the historic distance 250meter in the Dynamic discipline.

  • He is 2 time 2015 World Champion in the disciplines CWT and CNF.

  • Alexey has 4 World Records in his name!

  • Besides the 4 Gold World Championship medals he has 5 Silver, and 3 Bronze WC medals.

  • And 41 Russian Records of which many are Continental Records.

Are you curious to what he has done? These are his personal best…

  • STA – 8 min. 33 sec.

  • DYN – 258 mtr.

  • DNF – 195 mtr.

  • CWT – 129,7 mtr.

  • CNF – 96 mtr.

  • FIM – 114 mtr.

Without any doubt; he will be the first man to break the ‘impossible’ barrier of -130 meters on a single breath of air.

Come to Panglao to Celebrate the Chinese New Year
and Opening of our New Center by Going Deeper!
We'll guarantee you will be ready to break your PB's!

Are you ready to become better and go deeper than ever before?! Then come to the Philippines, we have this waiting for you!

  • 5 intense training days side-by-side with the best freediver in the World.

  • Everyday deep dive sessions in the crystal blue 30C waters of the Philippines guided by Alexey, and supervised by a big safety team who are all very experienced instructors with at least an AIDA or SSI instructor certification.

  • To prevent over training we combine the deep diving sessions with pool and dry sessions all under the supervision of Alexey and the safety team.

  • The training camp is including accommodation at our (free)dive resort – you wake up and with a 1 minute walk you’re at the center and have immediate access to the pool and to the water entry where we have a depth of -120meters.

  • We’ll provide you everyday a light breakfast (usually fruit), and we’ll have lunch all together at the resort.

  • Not only is the breakfast and lunch included, no, we’ll also visit the best and healthiest restaurants of the island all together for a delicious group dinners. Whether you love your juicy steaks, have an uncontrollable desire for luscious fish or are a vegetarian and you can’t get a enough of the organic goodness’s the island has to offer, Panglao will satisfy everyone.

  • We will pick you up (and drop you off) at the airport or ferry terminal, and transportation to and from the restaurants is also included.

The only thing you have to do is become better go deeper, and we’ll take care of the rest!

The cost for this training camp on tropical island Panglao is $1100.

Are you ready to become awesome?!

Click the below button to see if you qualify.

Registration is Closed.

IMPORTANT: You will be training and spending the day with Alexey every day, and we don’t want to make this a big training camp. We are keeping it small and intimate – we want you to become better, to go deeper, and be more confident! And because we’re keep it small and safe, with lots of one-on-one training time we’ve limited the number of contestants to 12!!


Registration has started, and slots are filling up.

This is a chance of a life time! You’ll be trained by the best freediver in the world, don’t miss this opportunity!

Registration is Closed.

We are looking forward seeing you in the Freedive Capital of Asia – the beautiful and tropical island Panglao!

May all your deep wishes come true!


Alexey, Vincent, Sura, and Cao Yu

PS. This is the ONLY (!) chance you’ll get on 5 days, a minimum of 6 to 7 hours a day training with, and learning from the Best Freediver in the World! Be sure to act quick before the slots are filled. Don’t miss out on becoming the best freediver you can be…