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Octopus Classic Freediving NoseclipOctopus Classic Freediving Noseclip

Octopus Classic Freediving Noseclip


Classic Octopus Freediving Noseclip

It was the biggest freediving story of the year; the launch in 2016 and Indiegogo campaign by multiple Swiss National Record Holder and AIDA master instructor Pascal Berger of his Octopus Freediving noseclip. The Octopus freediving noseclip is made in Switzerland with top-quality materials and finish. Its ergonomic shape and anti-slippery silicone pads ensure a tight grip and no leaks for perfect equalisation.

2b Free Freediving Lanyard2b Free Freediving Lanyard

2b Free Freediving Lanyard


2b Free Freediving Lanyard

The 2b Free Lanyards are ultra-light freediving lanyards designed and produced by World Champion Alexander Bubenchikov. The 2b Free Freediving Lanyards are handmade, very strong, extremely light, and make no drag underwater. These freediving lanyards are made of high-quality materials for durability, and of course, for diver’s safety and convenience.

Octopus Noseclip Replacement PadsOctopus Noseclip Replacement Pads

Octopus Noseclip Replacement Pads


Octopus Noseclip Replacement Pads

Both Octopus noseclips are fitted with high-grade silicone pads for more comfort and better closing of the nostrils. Over time due to the influence of the weather, salt water, UV, the pads get a yellowish glow, get dirty or for some reason, the exchangeable pads are damaged. It is now not a problem anymore since we can now supply replacement pads from stock. The silicon Octopus spare noseclips pads complement the high-quality Swiss-made Octopus noseclip perfectly, making it the perfect companion for all your dives. The Octopus Classic Noseclip spare pads are only available in the colour white, while the Octopus Carbon Noseclip replacement pads come in the colours Deep Blue, Grey, White, Red, Light Blue and Lime.

Go Deep Bottom Weight StrapGo Deep Bottom Weight Strap

Go Deep Bottom Weight Strap


Go Deep Bottom Weight Strap

This Bottom Weight Strap is proof that premium freediving gear can be of high-quality while staying affordable and beautiful looking. The Go Deep Bottom Weight Strap is made of PES with a marine-grade stainless steel 316 buckle.

Molchanovs Equalisation Training ToolMolchanovs Equalisation Training Tool

Molchanovs Equalisation Training Tool


Molchanovs Equalisation Training Tool

With the Molchanovs Equalisation Training Tool, you can train your equalisation as much as you want, even without being in the water! Also known as EQ Trainer, this equalisation training tool from Molchanovs will make it possible for you to work on your Frenzel and Frenzel Fattah (mouthfill) skills.

It was never this easy to do balloon exercises for the soft palate and glottis. This handy tool is a must-have for every freediver regardless of the level of their expertise!

Apnea Academy Replacement Noseclip PadsApnea Academy Replacement Noseclip Pads

Apnea Academy Replacement Noseclip Pads


AA Replacement Noseclip Pads

The Apneautic Apnea Academy noseclips are fitted with rubber pads for comfort and maintenance. When it’s time for you to change your nose clip pads, we have replacement pads that you can buy separately. Thanks to perfect fit you will get no more chafing thanks to these newly developed pads, which are also very easy to clean. Because of their new shape they will not slide off of your nose during the dive and they are much more convenient to use than ever before. They are only available in the colour black.

Go Deep Aluminium Freediving Bottom Plate

Go Deep Aluminium Freediving Bottom Plate


Go Deep Freediving Bottom Plate

The Go Deep Freediving Bottom Plate is well-engineered, beautifully looking and comes at a very attractive price. The bottom plate and axis are made of a high-grade sea-water and corrosion-resistant aluminium, and the hexagon bolt to fix the rope is made of marine-grade stainless steel 316.

Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)

Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)


Go Deep Freediving Pro Rope (10.5mm)

Improve your underwater experience with the durable Pro Freediving Rope, which looks and feels great and has almost no stretch!

Go Deep Equalisation ToolGo Deep Equalisation Tool

Go Deep Equalisation Tool


Equalisation Training Tool

Improve your Frenzel and Mouthfill equalization with our EQ Tool.

Tubeless 70cm Freediving BuoyTubeless 70cm Freediving Buoy

Tubeless 70cm Freediving Buoy


Tubeless Freediving Buoy (70cm)

This tubeless and easy to inflate freediving buoy is the perfect buoy for recreational and semi-professional use. The buoy itself is made of extremely strong heavy-duty waterproof 1680 and 1000 denier coated polyester canvas material which makes the buoy water-, abrasion- and tear-resistant. The bottom is made of mesh to allow the water to flow freely. The straps are made out of PES, and the buoy has two quality plastic YKK zippers and marine-grade velcro strips to easily open and close the top.

Diving with this freediving buoy is an absolute pleasure!

Rubber Freediving Buoy InnertubeRubber Freediving Buoy Innertube

Rubber Freediving Buoy Innertube


Innertube for a Freediving Buoy

There is no need to worry about bad fitting and low-quality innertubes anymore. These innertubes made of natural rubber are of high quality! They are very durable, wear-resistant, and have a small valve so tearing up your wetsuit while jumping on the buoy to pull up the line isn’t a problem.

These innertubes are of such quality that they have been issued with an ISO9001:2008 and ccc /fcc certification.

Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set

Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set


Go Deep CNF Lanyard Set

Stay safe whenever you free dive with our complete Lanyard Set.