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Looking for something great to do in the Philippines?!

Are you Ready to Explore and Enjoy a Life on a Single Breath?!

This trip to Panglao Bohol will be the highlight of your vacation!

That freediving in the Philippines, especially in Panglao, is popular is no secret. That Panglao is quickly becoming the next Freedive Capital of Asia – perhaps of the world is less know, but happening right now, and that is not for no reason.

Check out the below video to see how it is to take a Freediving Course in the Philippines in one of the best Freediving locations in the world!

We want to Welcome you to the Freedive Academy Panglao!

The Freedive Academy Panglao is one of the leading freediving schools/centres in the world. We run Freediving Instructor courses almost every month, but we prefer to Teach complete Newbies and Introduce them in a Safe an Exciting manner to the Underwater World.

The academy is located at the North side of the island – the beautiful quiet and non-touristy side of the island with one of the best dive locations around Panglao Island. When entering the water, you’ll be welcomed by Amazing Corals. We have Fish around the training lines every day, and we even get the occasional Big Visitor – it doesn’t happen often, but we regularly see Whale Sharks, Manta’s, Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Grey Whales and we even had 2 Blue Whales!!!

Your Freediving Adventure Starts Here!

When you Sign Up Today for a freediving course, you’ll be introduced to a Life-Changing Experience of the Big Blue and Human Capabilities. You’ll be Surprised with How Long and How Deep you can dive on a Single Breath.

Sign Up Now! We have beginner courses starting every day of the week!

Things you will learn in our beginner courses:

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    Breathing for freedivers
  • List item image
    Rescue Procedures
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    Safely Diving with your Buddies
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    Breath-holding like a Pro
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    Efficient finning
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    Exploring New Dve Spots
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    Safely Equalising your Ears
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    Selecting the Right Gear
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    Diving Deeper with Much Much Longer Dive Times!

Basic Freediver

The First Real Introduction to Freediving.

Master the basic skills like Safety Procedures and Breathing for Breath Holding and Deep Diving – you will be Holding your Breath for Minutes!!!!

1 Full Day
Max. -5 Meter Depth


$175 per person*

Level 1 Freediver

This is it! Time to Impress Yourself!

During 2 or 2,5 days you will get the skills to Easily Dive to max. -20 Meters.

You’ll discover that Freedivers aren’t that Special – Anyone can be Amazing!

2,5 Day Course
Max. -20 Meter Depth


$325 per person*

* Group discount may apply.

If you want to have a quick reply, please use Phone, Text or WhatsApp: +63 916 333 8920. You can also visit us – directions can be found here, or use [email protected] or the short form at the bottom of this page. Usually, you’ll hear back from us within the hour.

Monofin Workshop
Monofin Training in the Pool

Check our Availbility Now – No Strings Attached!

It’s incredible what the human body is capable of. It’s pretty common that people come here, and in the first classroom session we get them to hold their breath for 3 or 3:30 minutes.

We have people with the Level 1 courses diving down to 15 or sometimes even 20 meters in the first session – that’s deeper than a 5 (!) story building!

Join us for any of the recreational levels, and for sure you’ll be surprised with your capabilities!

Freediving SSI Level 1 Course
Freediving SSI Level 2 Course
Freediving SSI Level 3 Course

Just fill in the form, and our support team who are all freedivers too will get back to you usually within hours – if they’re not diving 😉

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We run courses and train our Freediving Instructors, Swim Teachers and Mermaid Instructors in the following languages.