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World Class Education Centre for Beginner Freedivers to Instructors.

A Home for Beginners and Champions, Future Champions and those becoming Professionals

Maybe you want to learn how to freedive, do a beginner freediving course and try freediving for the first time. Perhaps you are ready to take your freediving to the next level by becoming a Master Freediver or a Freediving Instructor. The Freedive Academy Panglao always has something nice to offer. We have beginner and intermediate courses starting every couple of days, and we run SSI Level 3, Molchanovs Wave 3, SSI Instructor Courses and Molchanovs Instructor Courses pretty much every month. If you are a Master; join us and jump in at any time, we have Masters ready to join you on the buoy year-round.

We have a large, inviting and welcoming dive center and beautiful eco-friendly apnea sports resort here in Panglao with an incredible atmosphere, fully equipped with high-quality materials and premium gear, designed explicitly for freediving. We’re located 300 meters from the ocean with coral wall and massive drop-off at only 10 meters from shore. The island is surrounded by palm, banana and coconut trees, and with the tropical clear blue waters of the Philippines, we know you’ll enjoy the flip-flop freediver lifestyle on Panglao.

Here you will find more information about Freediving in the Philippines.

Recreational Courses and Professional Freedive Development

From Beginner to Instructor Trainer, and all sort’s of Specialities – we can offer it all!

  We are a true professional freedive development center with 1 and 3-month internships where we offer our interns in exchange for helping out, a big discount on the courses, free housing and free lunches.

  The Freedive Academy Panglao is the only freediving center in the world (!) that offers Internships, Freediving Zero to Hero programs, and Professional Development programs with the possibility to also become a Swim Teacher or Mermaid Instructor!

Recreational Courses:

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    SSI Try & Basic Freediving
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    SSI Level 1 & Molchanovs Wave 1
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    SSI Level 2 & Molchanovs Wave 2
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    SSI Level 3 & Molchanovs Wave 3

SSI Speciality Freediving:

In Panglao, we offer all possible freediving specialities like; Monofin, Training Tables, Free Immersion, No Fins, Scooter/DPV Diving, Variable Weight, React Right and Diver Stress & Rescue.

Professional Development:

Competitive Freediving:

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    Molchanovs Wave 4 (Coming Soon)
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    AIDA Competition Freediver & Safety Freediver
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    Master and Training Programs

We teach our freediving courses in the following languages. However, we also regularly work with translators so please feel free to contact us anytime to check if your classes can be taught in your language.

Regardless of which SSI, Molchanovs or AIDA freediving course you want to take; we’ll encourage you and help you boost your confidence in the water. Learn to freedive with our fantastic team of professional instructors who will help and motivate you throughout your course. Our freediving courses are designed to give you the most enjoyable and safest freediving experience possible. Learn and love freediving with us!

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