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Medical Forms for Courses and Training

When you join us in Panglao for a freediving course or training, you will be asked to sign a medical release. Each student or guest needs to sign one. Below are the Molchanovs and SSI Freediving forms we use.

Please note, don’t print out the forms and send them to us signed – we’ll ask you to sign them here again. Please use them as a reference only. If you see a question that needs some attention – for example ‘you had an allergy’, please contact us. We’ll often refer you to your physician to sign the medical release.

SSI Medical Forms

Molchanovs Medical Questionaire

Media Kit: Freedive Academy

In the below (ZIP) files you will find high-resolution images of the dive center in Panglao, the resort, Napaling reef and some of in-and-around Bohol.

Media Kit

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    Media Kit 2020: download


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    Dive Center: download
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    Resort: download
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    Napaling Reef & Diving: download
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    Tourism around Bohol: download

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