They are lightweight, don’t twist around the rope and all around very reliable. I feel very comfortable diving with it!

Samo Jeranko (Vice World Champion, NR Holder)

It is the strongest lanyard available. It is light weight and you don’t feel any resistance from it. Plus it is very important to be stylish – they come in good colors!

Georgina Miller (UK National Record Holder)

A great lanyard – very lightweight and has a very thin cable for reduced resistance!

Michael Board (UK National Record Holder)

They are very strong and light. I feel no stress while swimming down and up. They make me feel more comfortable and freely in the water.

Sayuri Kinoshita (World Champion)

They are the best, no doubt!

Miguel Lozano (Vice World Champion, NR Holder)

I like them! These lanyards are the best you can find!

Goran Čolak (World Champion, Guinness WR & NR Holder)