Overall very good experience, and I highly recommend this academy to anyone who’s interested in doing some freediving!

The academy had great facilities and was well-equipped for freediving. If you’re a beginner freediver and don’t have your own proper equipment, you don’t have to worry at all, as the academy got it all sorted for you. They have everything from snorkels, fins, masks, wetsuits, weight belts, etc.

Our instructor, Igor, was very good! He was a huge help and shared with us all the skills and knowledge to become a Wave 1 freediver. Special thanks to him!

Also, every single one in the academy was very friendly and helpful. They made our stay in Panglao very special! I will be back!

Benji – May 2023 • Couples
All of the instructors at Freedive Academy Panglao were truly generous with their time and experience, which made for an amazing environment to learn. Their extensive knowledge of freediving techniques, combined with their ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, made the learning process both enjoyable and effective. They demonstrated a genuine passion for the sport, which inspired me to push my limits and explore new depths. I picked Freedive Academy Panglao because of its location and diving conditions. I had no idea the people there would be so amazing as well! I miss them all very much, and I can’t wait to get back there to continue my training!
Chad – June 2023 • Solo Traveller
The atmosphere here is like coming home. 😍Everyone gathers together for lunch and dinner most of the time, and they will go to the island together on the rest day. The courses are well-arranged and professional! The coach will patiently explain and guide you to achieve your goals. For that, I really appreciate it!🙏 (Especially Vincent and Emily, you guys are so nice, always helping us and solving problems. I have nothing to say about it. We will definitely be back here on our next trip. I am so lucky to have found this dive center in my life. I really appreciate everything here, both warm and professional,🥰 thank you very much!!!❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝
Mia – Feb 2023 • Solo Traveller

I’m so glad to be one of the family members of the Freedive Academy Panglao. It’s like home. I’m the intern here. Everyone is so humble and energetic surrounding the academy. I remember when I first came to the place. I felt a bit overwhelmed. But people around here are very helpful. They talked to me patiently and explain the details to me, which made me feel relaxed and confident here. I’ve done three courses until now. All the instructors are very professional. They’re very calm, which makes me feel the world is so peaceful. I won’t be nervous during the course, especially since it’s crucial in freediving learning. They’re so considerate and explain all the information to me in a very detailed way. When you pay more attention during the course, I’m sure you’ll learn more than the expectation. Of course, they’re so lovely and experienced. They’re teaching the course in a very gentle mode, in which you can absorb the learning materials gradually, like adapting the depth generally. Don’t be in a hurry!!

I’m so happy I made the best choice before I came here and implemented my decision.

I highly recommend people who do want to be educated in freedive learning.

Thanks to all the lovely buddies around the academy!!

Wallis – May 2023 • Solo Traveller