Amazing Environment and Instructor

Obviously, they are extremely geographically well-positioned, as you can see their website etc.

My room was just located 100m away from the point where we can go 100m depth.

Wake up and change, walk to the shore, and you cantor up the buoy just a few kicks away from the shore.

My amazing instructor Nejc just accompanied me for a week and pushed my PB down over 10m.

Muchas gracias amigos!!!

Shigeru Higaki

I feel like home being here!

As a freediver, I’d say Freedive Academy Panglao is truly “from freedivers, for freedivers”.

Just a few minutes away from shore/diving platform, you can dive any time of the day as you wish. Some go diving at 6 am, some go diving at 5 pm. We have 25m depth with the spectacular drop-off coral reef which will definitely give you a wow-effect. For advanced freedivers seeking depth, 1-minute swimming out we can have over 80m depth.

Inside the resort, if you don’t want to dive, you can swim, yoga, dry training, or just chill out on the hammock any time of the day.

The school provides all freediving gears you need and all high-end equipment.

Any instructors at the school, especially Vincent, is super helpful and friendly. He is always willing to explain and share his passion and knowledge of freediving.

The school really makes people feel like home here.

Ngoc Vo

Panglao – best freediving experience.

Unique freediving location and the best staff made my home and family for the past months. It was hard to leave but easy to think of soon return! I wish you all the best and thank you!

Nejc Likar