Freediving in paradise

If I could give Freedive Academy Panglao more than 5 stars, then I would. This place is magical. It offers freediving students the perfect blend of high calibre instructors, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and an absolutely unforgettable diving location. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a deep diver, this place has something for everyone, and the dive spot is a mere 2 minute swim from shore. In other words, no boat required!

I was lucky enough to complete my SSI freediving level 1 and 2 under my instructor, Kim, whose knowledge, experience, patience, and encouragement I am truly grateful for. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the depth (and breath) of freediving and am already planning my next course at the Academy 🙂

Scott Lambert

Free diving training and holiday

It was a pleasure to have been under the tutelage of Vincent to further improve my freediving skills – it was a very rare opportunity to have received personal instructions and functional wisdom of this specialised craft. My interest is in spearfishing; My ears gave in at the middle of the training and made it to 20 meters only with 10 more meters shy of fulfilling my personal depth goal to bag level 3- it went downhill after that. Nevertheless, there a lot of advance takeaways that I ran away with. Most notably, the advanced equalisation techniques he shared to me. In addition to this, I considered myself lucky to receive yogic asanas and meditational pointers to improve my technique further. He’s a professional instructor of the trade, and a yoga guru all rolled into one!


Norman Gem Ellasos

An amazing and unforgettable experience.
Very professional shop and instructors here, patient and kind-hearted. They do lessons in a variety of languages, very strong techniques and skills. Enjoy your freediving and be a REAL freediver here at Freedive Academy Panglao.


A nice freediving experience

I came to Freedive Academy Panglao for new experiences and techniques to progress.

This dive center is really comfortable, and it is also easy to speak, think and share ideas about freediving.

This was a really nice experience, and I suggest to all people to come here.

This picture was a fun dive made with my teacher Nejc. (*image is missing)


I feel like home being here!

As a freediver, I’d say Freedive Academy Panglao is truly “from freedivers, for freedivers”.

Just a few minutes away from shore/diving platform, you can dive any time of the day as you wish. Some go diving at 6 am, some go diving at 5 pm. We have 25m depth with the spectacular drop-off coral reef which will definitely give you a wow-effect. For advanced freedivers seeking depth, 1-minute swimming out we can have over 80m depth.

Inside the resort, if you don’t want to dive, you can swim, yoga, dry training, or just chill out on the hammock any time of the day.

The school provides all freediving gears you need and all high-end equipment.

Any instructors at the school, especially Vincent, is super helpful and friendly. He is always willing to explain and share his passion and knowledge of freediving.

The school really makes people feel like home here.

Ngoc Vo

One of the best if not the best place to freedive.

I did my SSI level one with them back in June 2017 and my level 3 last July, and it feels like coming back home. The center has a very contagious positive atmosphere that you do not want to miss. Everyone is so great from the instructor to the ground crew. At Freedive Academy Panglao you’ll meet freedivers of all level, and everyone is so supportive of each other. The center has the facilities you’ll need for your freediving training. The best part of it is that the centre is only a few minutes away from your depth goal.

Will definitely come back.

Jemmo Pacoma

Best freedive spot!

I went to Freedive Academy Panglao to train for three weeks and ended up doing my SSI L2 with Vincent while there. They have THE best spot, amazing underwater scenery makes it super easy to relax and enjoy each dive, super comfortable close to shore and very organised shop. Will definitely head back soon!

Maria Antonia Vergara

Deep dive training.

Freedive Academy Panglao has the best location and the best conditions for deep diving in the world. I’ve had an opportunity to dive with instructors Kim and Nejc, who were also my safety divers and enabled me to improve my PB’s. The crew here is very professional and reliable, so they make a relaxed atmosphere.

Vincent Sparreboom, the owner of the center, also helped me with some tips, so dives were even easier.

If the distance is not an issue for you, I definitely recommend the place. It’s a must-see freedive destination. I really recommend it!


Jaka Kovacic

Panglao – best freediving experience.

Unique freediving location and the best staff made my home and family for the past months. It was hard to leave but easy to think of soon return! I wish you all the best and thank you!

Nejc Likar

Great First Time Experience

As a person who just got into freediving, I can say this is a great place to learn the sport. The lessons for the “try freediving” are simple enough for beginners while the coaches are friendly and accommodating. I want to thank coach Vincent and the staff who helped me learn freediving for the fun and enjoyable experience. I hope to proceed to the next level of training here in the future.

Christian Dredd