Can I switch from AIDA to SSI?

Yes, definitely! You do not need to start over when you have started with AIDA and are switching to SSI. Switching between both organisations is possible since SSI ‘recognises’ the agency AIDA and their standards. Here you can find the Freediving Agency equivalence chart.

Is it possible to cross over from SSI to AIDA?

This is again, not a problem! For most training agencies, usually via a Crossover Evaluation, you can directly cross over, which means that you can go to the next level directly without starting all over again. With the Freedive Academy Panglao, this is easily possible. Just contact us for the options.

And can I switch between AIDA or SSI and Molchanovs?

Yes, you can switch between AIDA or SSI and Molchanovs, but this needs some more explanation.

If you completed an AIDA or SSI freediving course, you can cross over via Crossover Evaluation to the next level Molchanovs.

And crossing over from Molchanvos to AIDA or SSI is also possible.

If you took a Molchanovs freediving course, you can’t ‘officially’ cross over directly to SSI since they did not approve or acknowledge the Molchanovs training standards – yet, Molchanovs is a relativity new organisation.

Since we teach all three major freediving agencies, we know that Molchanovs freedivers usually are skilled all-around freedivers – do note there are bad instructors with each freediving agency.

Although it is not ‘officially’ possible to cross over from Molchanovs to SSI, it does happen regularly. Depending on the freediver’s level, crossing over can be done via the Experienced Diver Test, Crossover Evaluation, or via the personal approval of an SSI Instructor Training Director.


Because we teach SSI, AIDA and Molchanovs freediving courses, we do a short Crossover Evaluation, and students can cross over with each agency.

Here you can find more information on the different freediving courses and levels, and on this page, you can find more on the different freediving organisations.

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