What is the difference between Freediving and Scuba Diving?

Freediving, as the name suggests, is diving with complete freedom. A properly trained freediver can ascend and descend as quickly as they like since there are no restrictions. In freediving, all you need is a mask, fins, and a single breath to go underwater anytime, anywhere.

On the other hand, scuba has a lot of complex theory and equipment elements you must know about before you can enjoy it. In scuba diving, you must follow a rigorous schedule to go up and down, and due to the heavy, cumbersome tank, you are restricted in how fast you can move and where you can go. This is the main difference between the two.

One of the most famous quotes about freediving comes from the Italian (still-living) freediving legend Umberto Pelizzari. You can read here more about the history of freediving and the freediving records.

Umberto said;

“Scuba divers dive to look around. Freedivers dive to look within.”

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