How are the beginner freediving courses organized?

In essence, all beginner freediving courses are organized the same. The Molchanovs Wave 1, the SSI Level 1 Freediver, and the AIDA 2 all start in the classroom, followed by a pool session where we teach you the skills you need for the afternoon ocean session.

On the second day, you start with stretching, an open water session, and a pool session. In between, we’ll do small workshops in the classroom, and you will have to take a multiple-choice exam.

All three courses can be done in 2 days, but usually, we make it 2,5 days, so it’s a bit more enjoyable and relaxed. On the 2nd day, you have finished your course already, but on the 3rd day, we’ll take you one more time into the ocean where most students chase a bit more depth—or complete the final requirements.

Every beginner course has at least two pool sessions and three open-water sessions—officially, there are two open-water sessions, but we include the third open-water session for free.

When you confirm your course with us, we’ll give you access to the course material, which you can then immediately download. You can then start studying at home at your own pace and be well-prepared for the course.

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