How should I go about selecting a freediving course?

We highly recommend starting with either the Molchanovs Wave 1 course or the SSI Level 1 course. These are 2,5-day freediving courses and the perfect first step into freediving.

If a 2,5-day course is a bit too much, you can also start with the 1-day Basic Freediving course. If after the Basic Freediving course you want to continue with freediving you still have to do the Molchanovs Wave 1 or SSI Level 1 course. After the Molchanovs Wave 1 or SSI Level 1 course you can immediately go to the advanced level 2 course.

When choosing between SSI or Molchanovs, we always advise that when you are comfortable in the water and like more technical freediving to chose Molchanovs. SSI is more accessible and considered recreational freediving, while Molchanovs is more technical and performance-driven. For example, with the Molchanovs Wave 1 course, you already do bifins, monofin, nofins and free immersion freediving which is pulling up and down the line while with SSI you only discuss bifins and a little bit free immersion freediving.

If you want to know more about the different freediving courses and options and what is possible, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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