Is a medical check-up a prerequisite to freediving?

Except for the instructor and competitive courses, it is not necessary to have a medical check-up before freediving. Before your course or master training, we will ask you to fill in a medical form with a medical statement and a medical history questionnaire.

It’s nothing serious if you’ve done any freediving or scuba course before you filled in a similar form already. If you are worried, feel free to download the recreational course medical form here, so you know what to expect – there is no need to print, scan and send it to us. We’ll fill it in here when you arrive.

When you see the form, you need to fill in a NO at all the questions. If there is a YES somewhere, please contact us at [email protected]. In most cases of a ‘YES’, it shouldn’t be a big problem like, for example, when you answer YES at ‘Recurrent back problems’, but then we still need to know in advance. If it is more serious, we’ll ask you to visit your physician to get a medical clearance signed.

If you are planning to do a professional course, you can find the form here.

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