What are the differences between SSI, AIDA and Molchanovs?

First, let’s look at the difference between AIDA and SSI. As for the course content, there is no real significant difference between AIDA and SSI. AIDA’s bifins dive requirement, called constant weight bifins, is more challenging; AIDA is -12 meters, and SSI is -10 meters. The only real difference between SSI and AIDA for recreational courses is how the study material is delivered. With SSI, you will access the study material via a modern mobile app called the MySSI app, whereas with AIDA, you get access to a pdf document.

There are big differences between AIDA and SSI, opposite of Molchanovs. We consider AIDA and SSI recreational freediving, while Molchanovs is more technical and performance-based freediving. With the Molchanovs level 1 course (Wave 1), you will learn bifins, nofins and free immersion – free immersion is the technique of pulling up and down the line, whereas with SSI and AIDA, you only cover bifins and free immersion – Molchanovs is much more all-round and technical freediving. In the Molchanovs Wave 2 course you will also learn the monofin technique.

There are big differences between AIDA, Molchanovs and SSI Instructors. As an AIDA or  Molchanovs instructor, you can work independently and anywhere. As an SSI instructor, you must register a business or be affiliated with a registered dive center to teach.

Of course, there are more differences between AIDA, SSI and Molchanovs, but in short, this is it.

If you want to learn more about AIDA, SSI and Molchanovs, on this page, we wrote more about the different freedive instructor courses.

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