What is freediving?

Freediving is diving or swimming underwater on a single breath. Freediving gives you total freedom to move underwater in a completely natural way. This is because freedivers don’t use heavy and bulky breathing equipment like scuba tanks. Whereas scuba diving is unnatural with all the bubbles and breathing underwater, freediving allows you to get much closer to marine life, swim, and interact with sea creatures like fish, dolphins, mantas, and whale sharks without disturbing them and, in a way, you could never imagine doing before.

In our freediving courses, we teach you how to safely hold your breath underwater for longer periods of time. Usually, in our beginner courses already, students can easily hold their breath for 2,5 to 3 minutes. During all the courses, we teach you how to swim more efficiently and last but not least, we teach you to safely dive down longer on one breath.

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