Why “Only Available in Panglao”?

In the freediving shop, you will find many items labeled “Only Available in Panglao”.

Most items with this label are imported into the Philippines and are only for sale in our dive center in Panglao. Shipping abroad from the Philippines is very expensive—ridiculously expensive. For example, the “Fitness and Yoga for Freedivers” items are a must-have for freedivers but are for sale in almost every country. The expensive international shipping costs won’t justify them. In some cases, we do ship these items nationally.

Furthermore, some items, like the jellyfish protection and the wetsuit cleaner, are fluids, and not all shippers accept these because of recurring customs problems. Therefore, we have completely stopped shipping these items.

If you are based in the Philippines and want one of the ‘Only Available in Panglao’ items, and they’re not the fluids, please get in touch with us for shipping possibilities.

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