The New Freedive Academy

Bigger, Better and Deeper

The First (of only two) Diamond Instructor Training Freediving Centre in the World!

Just before we went public with the news of our new Freediving Academy here in Panglao SSI contacted us with the most pleasant message.

The FREEDIVE+ Freedive Academy Panglao has been awarded the SSI Diamond Status which makes us the first Diamond Freediving Instructor Training Centre in the world!

The Diamond Training Status is a recognition by SSI for SSI Diving Centre’s who continuously teach professional and Recreational freediving development programs with the highest quality.

This award, the new freediving centre, 2019 will be an exciting year for everyone here in Panglao.

We came with the announcement the end of February 2019; we are going to move!

It came as a shock to the people who we told the news first.

The big question; “Are you really giving up one of the best dive locations in the world?!”

A good question, but no, we are not. We moved to an entirely new-build freediving academy. A brand new freediving centre developed for teaching freediving and freedive training. The new location is about 3km’s down from where we were on the road towards the big island Bohol and still on the North side of the island – the green lovely non-tourist side of the island about 15 minutes via scooter drive away from touristic Alona – we have the massive drop-off into the depths of the ocean.

The entrance to the ocean is at the same walking distance as the old centre (1-minute walk), but the drop-off is now a bit further from shore. It’s not a problem to swim to the fixed -20 meter line. You can also reach the -55 meter line also via a shallow water swim. However, we think this is just a bit too far to do this before your dive sessions. We bought a Banka (a traditional Filipino propellor boat, for those who want to save their energy for diving, to bring them to the dive lines. Not only will the diving be more convenient, but because we’re moving closer to Bohol, we’ll be more protected from currents. A fixed setup without any current?! You better get ready for some awesome diving!

What makes the Biggest Freediving Centre in the World?

Yes, I can hear you think; bigger isn’t always better… True! But wait till you hear what we’ve built for you!

We are building in phases, and the 1st phase is almost completed which means the centre will be fully operational. We expect to finish the entire freediving academy by the end of 2020. Do you want the best? Good! Because we are building you the best-equipped freediving education centre in the world!

A Freediving Centre, Designed by Freedivers, for Freedivers!

Teaching Areas:

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    3 ‘smaller’ classrooms suited for 8 students – we are not 100% sure yet, but likely we’ll have 7 or 8 classrooms when we’ll finish the build.
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    1 Instructor Training classroom suited for 12 students build for our SSI Instructor Courses and Workshops.
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    Semi-open and mirrored Yoga and Stretching area for our scheduled yoga classes and the stretching sessions. Perfect for the recreational freediving courses and master training.

Pool Area:

We have built you a four-lane pool! One 25-meter lane perfect for dynamic and dynamic nofins training, and we have three 15-meter lanes that are more shallow and perfect for courses (SSI Level 1), static practice, swimming lessons and swim teacher programs.

Gym and Exercise Areas:

The outdoor area will get an exercise area for TRX, battle ropes and pull-ups.

Inside we already have a small (but big enough) gym room which we are going to equip with home trainers for apnea cycling and apnea rowing, but also with weights for dumble training.

Restaurant and Lounge Areas;

We immediately opened with a restaurant which will we’ll further develop in 2019. Here we’ll serve breakfast, lunch and dinners to our guests. We will start easy with a buffet style kitchen combination of Chinese and Western food. In 2019 we’ll further develop the menu to ‘health’ food, vegetarian, vegan, and juices. Furthermore, we’ll have several shaded outside areas for people to hang out and chill (read; sleep) after their sessions.

The Building, and what’s Next.

And of course, the remainder of the facility will be top notch too. A big reception and shop area, a nice office and instructor room, showers and locker rooms. Everything that a proper freediving centre needs

We made the building ready for a 2nd and 3rd floor – which will continue with later in 2019. When this is finished, we’ll have more classrooms, massage rooms, a larger office, and we’ll likely move the restaurant to the 2nd floor to create more classrooms on the ground floor.

10 Luxury Apartments

The brand-new apartments next to the academy grounds are not owned or managed by FREEDIVE+, but by their owners via Later this year 10 more apartments will be built and we expect to finish the budget rooms and dormitory rooms on the academy ground by mid-2020.

We’ve built something incredible on a fantastic island, but for sure from time-to-time, there will be some inconvenience.

We immediately apologise for this, but we want you to be part of it, please bear with us 🙂

A final thank you from the owners;

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    You, our customer gave us the belief we could actually pull this off. You came by the hundreds and loved what we were doing. Thank you for everything! You freaking rock!

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    And big big big thank you to our instructors, staff and interns. With well over 30 staff members we are a big centre, but thanks to you we were able to keep the family and personal atmosphere. You are FREEDIVE+, and we couldn’t be happier with our FREEDIVE+ family! Thank you!

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    And last but not least; the investors. Thank you for the trust you have in our plans, dreams, wishes and goals – it’s truly incredible! We are proud to call you our friends!

* We’ll continue to update this page with the developments of the centre. Last page update was in February 2019.