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Our very own FREEDIVE+ co-founder & owner Sura Dai is responsible for the centre’s daily management and operations, including all the courses and Instructor development programs! A proud Chinese deep diver who on her days off wants nothing else but to train for depth – even on her workdays she manages to schedule in a training session! Sura is with her +70 meter diving among some of the deepest women in the world.

When it comes to Freedive Education Sura doesn’t settle for less either. She is 1 of only 3 SSI International Training Directors in the world, which means she is 1 of only 3 people in the world with the knowledge, skills and experience to teach all possible freediving levels, including SSI Instructor Trainer.

With this kind of quality assurance we can proudly call FREEDIVE+ a real Freedive Professional Development centre.

The focus of the FREEDIVE+ Freedive Academy Panglao;

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    Professional Freedive Development with Freedive Instructor Courses, internships, and zero-to-hero programs.
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    Freedive training and long term training
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    And of course we offer recreational freediving courses in the Philippines for those who would like to explore the underwater world.

In Panglao we offer the freediving courses of two certification agencies; SSI and AIDA. SSI and AIDA are the most renowned, acknowledged and leading international training agencies for freediving or breath-hold diving. Below you can learn more about SSI and AIDA as well as the courses that we are offering. Working with SSI and AIDA will ensure that you will have a fun, safe, and professional freediving experience.


The 2 Freediving Certification Agencies we work with;

SSI Freediving

SSI is a world-recognised scuba diving association that began training freedivers a few years ago, and they are now the global leader in recreational freediving. The training agency Scuba Schools International became successful in the scuba diving industry by creating quality course materials and implementing progressive educational systems, and have now done the same with freediving. All SSI scuba and freediving courses provide students with digital training manuals and student videos which are designed to be both safe and fun. SSI offers four progressive freediving courses, as well as additional freediving speciality courses.

UPDATE: Via Swim Schools International we now offer SSI Swim Teacher Training in the Philippines too . If you want to combine your Freediving Instructor course with a Swim Teacher course or simply want to know more about the program please check our page about the FREEDIVE+ Swim Teacher Program.

AIDA International

AIDA International was founded in 1992 and is the global authority for competitive freediving. This association organises the most important international freediving competitions and verifies all freediving records. AIDA’s goals include further research and development of freediving techniques and science, and the safe and effective training of recreational and competitive freedivers. AIDA International organises freediving courses into four levels. Each level teaches the diver progressively more advanced skills, and has specific requirements to achieve certification.

Some questions we get frequently:

Why don’t you list any prices on your website?

Well, we do now for some courses, but in all honesty, we aren’t trilled about it. This simply because it can make booking your course or vacation more confusing, and possibly more expensive.

We are a big freediving centre, and our staff wants to help you to make booking as easy and as convenient as possible – this can also involve a package price. A package can be a discount for multiple people, a course including accommodation, a pick up at the airport of ferry terminal, a package including additional workshops to specialise yourself in a certain discipline. So whether you want to do a single course by yourself, or are interested in a vacation, contact us, and we’ll have answer for you within hours.

You can teach AIDA, but you advise SSI?

Yes that is correct. Even though we love AIDA, we rarely teach AIDA anymore. There are differences for instructors between the two agencies, but for the recreational courses it really doesn’t matter if you take a SSI or AIDA course – there are no big differences. From a SSI course you can immediately cross-over to the next level AIDA and vice-versa. Both agencies recognise each other as a similar level.

The big difference for us is the study material. The AIDA courses are teached via a PowerPoint presentation, whereas the SSI courses start at home via digital home study. And it’s simple; the more you do at home, the more time we have for the cool stuff – the in-water training – the real reason why you are taking a freediving course.

For more information about the different levels please check the page with the Freediving Courses Equivalent Chart.

SSI, AIDA, CMAS, PADI, Raid WSF, does it really matter?

No, not really, for the beginner or recreational freediver it doesn’t really matter which freediving agency they take. In the end the only thing that really matters is having a qualified and skilled instructor.

Of course there are big differences in study material, quality, professionalism, structure and knowledge, but there are good and bad instructors with each of the freediving agencies.

If you actually want to make money as an Freediving Instructor, maybe as a part-time or full-time instructor for a centre, and especially when you want to start your own centre, we would highly recommend going for a SSI Instructor Course. This simply because of the quality of study materials, the topics covered during the course and the support that SSI offers to instructors and centre’s. If you want to do a course for the extra knowledge about freediving, but maybe only teach somewhere occasionally in restaurants and such, an AIDA instructor course would be more than fine too.

This is how it is to take a Freediving Course with us in Panglao!

Beginner and Recreational Freediving Courses – Exploring a New World on One Breath!

You want to get a taste of what it is like to dive on a single breath?! Great, the Introduction and Basic freediving courses are a good way to start in the big blue. These courses are 1 day courses, and are a lot of fun! During this day you will have a pool session in the morning, and in the afternoon we’ll take you diving in the ocean. In the classroom we’ll discuss topics like breathing and breath hold techniques, safety procedures, equalisation techniques, and we’ll work a bit on your skills. In the afternoon session we’ll give you the option to dive with us along our amazing housereef – one of the most beautiful coral walls of the island, or you can train on the line like the advanced freedivers do.


Price per person: $175

Be sure to contact us, Group or Package Discount may apply.

The above price is including taxes, snorkling fee, rental of freediving gear, use of the facility and resort, studie materials and certification fees.

Be 10 years of age or older (with parent or guardian consent).

Because the Basic Freediving Course is an introduction to freediving you want to continue with your SSI Level 1 or AIDA**. When you do the course directly after the Basic Freediving Course you’ll get a nice discount on the second course price, since we’ll make this course day part of your Level 1 course.

Have a taste of freediving and find out what it’s really all about. The SSI Level 1 or AIDA** Freediving course takes 2,5 days wherein you will acquire the proper skills to freedive to depths up to 20 metres.

In this course we will introduce you to the purest form of diving. With the help of our experienced and very knowledgeable instructors your freediving experience will surely be amazing. Here you will learn more about the freediving safety procedures and pressure related issues, we’ll discuss the breathing and breath hold techniques, relaxation, and we’ll teach you all of this via open water sessions, pool sessions and classroom time. We will provide you with a certificate upon completion of the course. For sure a new and amazing experience!


Price per person: $325

Be sure to contact us, Group or Package Discount may apply.

The above price is including taxes, snorkling fee, rental of freediving gear, use of the facility and resort, studie materials and certification fees.

Minimum 12 years old (with parent or guardian consent) and be able to swim.

If you have the time; combine your level 1 course with a level 2 course! With a level 2 course you will get advanced equalisation techniques, and do you learn more techniques to stay down longer and how to be more efficient. This combo can be done in 6 or 7 days, but if you have an extra day for an additional day rest between courses that would be even better. If you don’t have 6 or 7 days in Panglao, that’s too bad, be sure to sign up for a level 2 course later on, because you will miss some of the essentials of freediving. In the meantime you can combine your level 1 course with for example a Monofin or Nofins speciality, and take your freediving experience to a whole new level.

With the skills and knowledge that you have already acquired from the previous course (SSI Level 1 or AIDA**), you are now ready to take your freediving to the next level. We would like to welcome you to the SSI Level 2 or AIDA*** Freediving course. This course takes 3 or 4 days, and the maximum depth for the dives is 30 metres, while you’ll develop your skills to go even deeper. Our instructors are very friendly, kind and more than skilled to take you to these depths. They will take good care of you and encourage you during the dives. You will learn new skills and will be introduced to a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques such as freefalling. You’ll be trained in advanced equalisation techniques, and you will be familiar with the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and more important, you will know how to deal these risks. After finishing the course, you will be given a certificate. This course is challenging but also very rewarding!


Price per person: $480

Be sure to contact us, Group or Package Discount may apply.

The above price is including taxes, snorkelling fee, rental of freediving gear, use of the facility and resort, study materials and certification fees.

Be 18 years of age or older (15 years with parent or guardian consent); be able to swim; have completed the SSI Level 1 or AIDA** Freediver course and logged at least 6 Freediving sessions.

The level 2 course is where freediving becomes more serious. You’ll be searching for depth and longer dives times with more and more advanced techniques. The recommended combo can be determined on the depth that you’re diving. If you are already doing dives around 30 meter the next logical step would be the level 3 course, but the diver needs extra training sessions between the both levels, and thus you need to be in Panglao for the level 2 and 3 combo at least a couple of weeks. If you have less weeks in Panglao the perfect combo for the level 2 is of course coached or simply guided sessions so you have a instructor doing your safety and setup.

If you don’t have time for a level 3 combo, take up the speciality ‘Training Tables’ so when you’re back at home you’ll be prepared for dry and pool training. Another wise combo could be the Diver Stress and Rescue course or the React Right course which we can both teach in Panglao too.

Hold your breath! Yes, you now really have too, and this time for a much much longer period of time. This is an advanced level of freediving and be prepared to go down deep. In about 5 or 6 days the SSI Level 3 will take you to the depth of maximum 40 metres. This level is considered to be beyond recreational. Our instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and will ensure that all training dives are done in the safest manner possible. In this level, you will learn the knowledge, techniques, and safety procedures needed for deep freediving, such as exhale diving and mouth fill equalising. You will be introduced to full body stretching, lung stretching, cross-training, and diet. After finishing the course, you will be given a certificate. We promise you will have an overall excellent high-quality freediving experience with us in beautiful Panglao. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to take you to any depth you set your mind to!

Be 18 years of age or older; be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins or buoyancy device; have completed the SSI Level 2 or AIDA*** Freediver course and logged a minimum of 30 freediving sessions.

You are now a master freediver, and you know how to dive deep! A good combo would be to combine your course with the Diver Stress and Rescue course or the React Right course.

Furthermore some private coaching about training-plans for in Panglao – and for at home might be wise too. You are now diving to depths which are not achievable for everyone, and a deep diver needs to be a smart diver. You must start focusing on things like relaxation, flexibility, repetitive dives, and depth adoption. Our Elite coaches who are all deep divers themselves can guide and coach you in this.

Price per person: $650

Be sure to contact us, Group or Package Discount may apply.

The above price is including taxes, snorkling fee, rental of freediving gear, use of the facility and resort, studie materials and certification fees.

The freediving courses in the Philippines are being taught in the following languages, with the exception of the Level 3 course which is only available in English, Chinese, and Dutch.

If you want to have a quick reply please use the short form on this page.

For more detailed information about Courses, Accommodation, Prices, etc. Please follow the below links.

Explore Breathhold Diving and Surprise Yourself!

It’s incredible what the human body is capable off. It’s pretty common that people come here and in the first classroom session we get them to hold their breath for 3 or 3:30 minutes. We have people diving down to 20 meters in the first session. Join us for any of the recreational levels and you’ll be surprised with your own capabilities!

Just fill in the form, and our support team who are all freedivers too, will get back to you usually within hours – if they’re not diving 😉

Certified Speciality Courses & Workshops

You will get to learn the Ins and Outs of an Amazing Sport!


Join the AIDA Competitions as Competitor or Safety Diver!

You love freediving and you want to become more involved in the competitive side of freediving. Then AIDA can help you with this! AIDA developed two short speciality courses where you learn more about the competitive side of freediving.

Both speciality courses will give you more knowledge and skills of the freediving’s competitive depth disciplines Constant Weight, Constant Weight No Fins, and Free Immersion and in pool disciplines including Dynamic, Dynamic No Fins and Static Apnea.

With the course ‘AIDA Competition Freediver’ you will learn the start and surface protocols, the regulations that are important for the athlete – what he or she can and cannot do during the competition. You will also get to experience what it feels like to be in a competition environment. Our instructors are competitive freedivers themselves, and they will teach you various ways to prepare for competitions, and how to push yourself at the competitions.

The AIDA course ‘Safety Diver’ is very interesting to those not immediately interested in competing themselves, but might want to help out at the competitions. We will teach you the competition procedures, how to calculate dive times, and we’ll simulate a competition experience so you know how it is to be a safety diver.

Depending on the skills level of the participant we can also turn the course into a Deep Safety workshop.


Specialise in Safety – You Can’t Loose With This!

A must have for all Freedive Instructors whether you are a Freedive Instructor candidate or a Basic Freediver, it’s always a good idea to get your Emergency First Responder certificate. Learn the “How-To” of First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment, so that you’ll be able to properly assess and evaluate any emergency situation.

In one of our most rewarding course you will not only increase your diving safety and comfort significantly, but also that of the people you dive with.

The course covers:

  • List item image
    Primary Assessment
  • List item image
    First Aid & CPR Skills
  • List item image
    Primary Stabilization Techniques
  • List item image
    Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies
  • List item image
    Automated External Defibrillation Basics

And for those who are already React Right or EFR and O2 provider certified, we also offer Instructor courses.

Another great course is the 3 day Diver Stress & Rescue course which is specifically designed for freedivers. This course originated from the React Right course, and the very popular Scuba Diver Stress & Rescue course. In this course you will learn many different First Aid skills immediately applicable to divers, along with real world emergency scenarios for freedivers. The Diver Stress & Rescue course is a fun, educational and rewarding way to become a better freediver!


Freediving Specialities and Workshops

Taking your Freediving to the Next Level!

There are workshops and speciality programs available for each level of freediving.

Basic Speciality Programs:

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    Coral Identification
  • List item image
    Fish Identification
  • List item image
    Marine Ecology
  • List item image
    Night & Limited Visibility
  • List item image
    Photo & Video
  • List item image
    Sea Turle Ecology

Pool & Level 1:

  • List item image
    Free Immersion
  • List item image
  • List item image
    No Fins Freediving
  • List item image
    Scooter / DPV Diving
  • List item image
    Training Tables
  • List item image
    Wreck Diving

Level 2 & Level 3:

  • List item image
    Variable Weight


  • List item image
    Mouthfill Equalisation
  • List item image
  • List item image
    Seasonal Programs
  • List item image
    Custom Programs

Some specialities are also being taught in the German, French and Philippine language, but overall you could say that all specialities are being taught in English, Chinese and Dutch. Instructor courses for these specialities (when available) are only being taught in English, Chinese and Dutch.

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For more detailed information about Courses, Accommodation, Prices, etc. Please follow the below links.

Become a Specialist and Be the Best You Can Be!

Taking on a single speciality or multiple freediving specialities – they are a great way to enhance your knowledge about freediving and/of our oceans. The freediving speciality courses range from 1 day specialities and workshops to 3 days courses with trainingplans for when the course is finished.

Whether it is an ecology course, training for depth, for enjoyment or technique; freediving speciality courses are a fun and educational way to become a better freediver!

Fill in the form today, just check our availability. Usually you’ll have an answer within hours.

Change Your Lifestyle! Become a Pro Freediver!

Are You Ready for the Flip Flop Lifestyle on a Tropical Island as Panglao?!

Calling all freedivers who dream of becoming a professional freediving instructor. Do it! Change your lifestyle! Move to a tropical island with white sandy beaches and coconut trees – live the dream!

If you are a freediver who would love to teach the sport, our Instructor Course and Development Program are perfect for you! Whether you are a Beginner Freediver or a Master Freediver; our development program will help you to become a skilled professional – teacher and freediver.

The purpose of the course is to incorporate everything that you have learned from all freediving courses together with your teaching skills. After the course you will increased your freediving knowledge, and will be able to teach various freediving courses. You’ll be prepared and ready to teach and train students of your own with our internships, and development programs.

If you are not doing an internship or Zero-to-Hero program with us, but want to start the instructor course immediately you have to be a SSI Level 3 or AIDA**** freediver, and have a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate not older than 2 years. But above all you have to have passion for teaching.

The most well known program is the ZERO to HERO program which is basically a complete 3 – 6 month internship where you take all levels, train with students and with instructors.

Additionally, the instructor course is often combined with weeks of training or the Master Program.

Please check the link below for all possible combinations.

Our Freediving Instructor courses are being taught in either English, Chinese and Dutch – usually a Chinese course one month, the next month an English.

There are to many options for the Instructor Development Programs to quickly list them here.

Please check out the Freedive Instructor Training page for more information.

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