Thank you for joining today’s webinar! I hope you got something useful out of it and hope you enjoyed it.

The moment I closed the app, I realised we forgot to hit record… Too many worries about the weather and power, I guess…

The below video is the recording of a webinar we hosted about a year ago. Please note that the sound here in the first minutes was a problem, but it quickly got fixed. We’ll host another Frenzel webinar in a few weeks, and then we’ll update this video with the new one.

Via this link, you can download the different exercises. This is the Youtube link – the video is unlisted, so we can’t post it here. Please don’t share it online 😉

Please don’t hesitate to message us with any questions you might have.

See you hopefully soon in Panglao!

Lot’s of love,

Vincent and Emily and the Academy team!