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What is the best way to find accommodation in Panglao?

This depends of course on your budget and length of your stay, but for sure we can assist you in finding a nice place to stay. We have build luxury apartments next to the centre. Room rates are about 50usd per room per night. If you don’t mind travelling a bit we usually ask; do you prefer to stay in the tourist area Alona where all the good restaurants and bars are or do you prefer to stay in the quiet area of the island?

On this page, you will find our recommended places to stay.

If you are staying longer than about ten days, it might be worth looking elsewhere around the island.

We have quite a good list of nice apartments that most of our masters have been using. They are nice, clean, and all close by – never further away than 15 minutes by scooter. Usually, we advise our guests to stay with us for 1 or 2 days to forget about the trip, get settled in, we’ll arrange a scooter for you, and then you can visit the different apartments yourself – you won’t find much online. This way you will also get yourself familiar with the island.

The apartments most of our masters rent start at about 14.000php per month which is about 300usd. Again they are nice, clean, have there own kitchen and airconditioning and are for sure nice to stay long term.

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