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What is the difference between SSI and AIDA?

As for the course content, there is no significant difference between AIDA and SSI. The only difference for recreational courses is how the study material is delivered.

With SSI, you will get access to the study material via the free MySSI app. This way once you confirm your course you can start with home study at your own pace. The more study you do at home, the more time you have for the cool stuff when you’re here – the actual freediving. No one wants to be in the classroom all day listening to long presentations 😉

If you have done a course with AIDA before and later on you want to continue with SSI – or the other way around, you do not need to redo the same level freediving course, since both freediving organisations acknowledge each other.

The difference between AIDA and SSI Instructor Courses is that as an AIDA instructor, you can work on your own, whereas an SSI instructor, you need to be affiliated with a freediving centre. If you want to start your own centre or find a job as a freediving instructor, SSI is for sure, the better option.

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