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How to get started with Dry Training for Freediving!

Get started with dry freedive training and become a better and stronger freediver!

Dry training is often one of the first things we encourage our students to do; start with dry training as soon as possible! Dry training for freedivers is not a substitute for a freediving course or in-water freedive training. Dry training compliments your freediving and helps you to become a stronger freediver when you don’t have access to a pool or open water.

But we found that dry training often comes with a lot of questions. What is dry training for freedivers? What can you train dry? And is it really beneficial to my freediving? How do I start? All questions we’ll cover during the webinar.

We’ll explain what you can train, how you can train, and which variations, sequences and schedules you should maintain. We recommend all beginner and intermediate freedivers to do dry training, but we’ve seen great results with elite freedivers too – these examples we’ll share during this webinar too.


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Dry Training for Freedivers

How to do Dry Freedive Training

You got half an hour to spare, no access to a pool or the ocean but you want to train to hold your breath a little bit longer – then proper dry training for freedivers is a great way and offers lots of possibilities.

We highly highly recommend all beginner to intermediate freedivers to do dry training at least 2 or 3 times a week since it will result in a great foundation for your future freediving, but how do you start with dry training?

In about an hour we teach you what you can train, which benefit it has for freedivers, and how to get started in dry training.

Your instructor will explain the different methods, which methods are best suited for your needs and how to do the exercises. We’ll show you different training schedules and how to progress smartly and effectively.

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    Cost: FREE
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    Audience: Beginner and Advanced
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    Length: 60 to 90minutes
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    Developed by: Freedive Academy
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    Instructor: Vincent Sparreboom, Michal Plawski or Edwin Castillon
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    Participants: 10 to 100

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