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Learn the Advanced Equalisation Technique called Frenzel!

The Preferred Way of Equalising your Middle Ear for Freediving (and Scuba) is Frenzel!

When you dive down air compresses – this principle is called Boyl’s Law, and it is vital that we understand this concept – therefore, it is already explained during our beginner freediving courses. And because the air compresses in our cavities like our mask and middle ear – we need to push air into these spaces to avoid any problems or even pressure-related injuries. This process of moving air into the cavities is called equalising. Equalising the mask is often relatively easy, equalising the middle ear can be more challenging. You can equalise the middle ear in different ways. The most common method to do this is the Valsalva method – and this is still okay for scuba diving but since Valsalva is quite tough and hard on the body Frenzel is also the recommended equalisation method for scuba divers. However, unlike Scuba diving, with freediving, you don’t have an ‘unlimited’ supply of air to help you equalise. At the same time, with freediving, you are also diving head down, and are you going down faster and thus need to equalise more regular, more reliable and more secure. With freediving, the preferred way of equalising the middle ear is the Frenzel method – also called the Frenzel Fattah method first documented by deep diver Eric Fattah.


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Frenzel Workshop

Learn How to Equalise via the Frenzel Methode

There are different ways of equalising, but by far, the most important is the Frenzel Fattah technique. Frenzel equalisation is the holy-grail of equalisation – not mouthfill equalisation – which we teach in the Master courses, which is nothing more than an advanced Frenzel. Although mastering Frenzel is not mandatory to pass the Level 1 course, during the Level 1 you will learn why this way of equalisation is so important and why it is a ‘must-do’ for all freedivers regardless of their level.

During this free webinar, we’ll explain the differences between Valsalva and Frenzel equalisation. We’ll teach you how to create awareness of the different muscle and body parts involved in Frenzel equalisation. We’ll teach you how to control these muscles involved with Frenzel and how to strengthen them, so you never have to worry about equalisation again.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll receive a handout with the description of all the needed exercises to do dry or in the pool – you learn equalisation not in the ocean but in-front of the mirror and in the pool.

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    Cost: FREE
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    Audience: Beginner and Advanced
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    Length: ~90minutes
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    Developed by: Freedive Academy
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    Instructor: Vincent Sparreboom, Michal Plawski or Edwin Castillon
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    Participants: 10 to 100

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