The Molchanovs Theory 1 Course

Enter the World of Breath Hold Diving!

It’s Now Really Possible! You Can Learn How To Freedive Online!

We already had the Molchanovs Wave 1 freediving course, the Molchanovs Lap 1 course. And besides the open-water and pool certification, due to the Global Travel Restrictions, we also have also the Theory 1 or T1 certifications!

Molchanovs is the worlds fastest growing freediving agency, and this is not for no reason. Not only are the Molchanovs freediving courses made to develop skills-driven and technical freedivers whereas other freediving agencies focus more on recreational freediving, but Molchanovs is pure freediving, a training system developed by some of the best freedivers in the world.

Who are What is Molchanovs?!

The Molchanovs Freediving Courses and Molchanovs Education System were first developed by Natalia Molchanova, the queen of freediving, the most decorated and best freediver who ever lived, the freediving mother of so many top athletes. She developed this education system to take a beginner, step-by-step, week-by-week from absolute beginner to elite freediver.

Later in 2018, a group of the world’s best freedivers, freediving trainers and entrepreneurs, including World Champion and multiple World Record holder Alexey Molchanov, World Record holder Goran Colak, and Australian National Record holder Adam Stern, and others, have taken that system, added their own expertise and revamped it to create something totally new.

Molchanovs Instructor Centre

Now the Molchanovs Freediving Education System is the fastest-growing freediving agency in the world. It’s an online community of freedivers who all took a Molchanovs Freediving Course and are now further developing their skills via the free training programs, training benchmarks and reward badges. The 100% free Molchanovs training programs contain a pool, dry and depth training, and they aim at pure freediving and making the freedivers stronger and better regardless of whether they are -10 meter or -80 meter freedivers.

Learn Freediving Online! Without Getting Wet?!

Learn Freediving Online sounds nice, but don’t I learn freediving in the ocean or pool? Why should I join a theory course?

Yes, you now can really learn how to freedive online. Of course, the actual freediving and skills development will happen in the pool and ocean but it is now really possible to become a Theory Freediver.

The Molchanovs Theory 1 Course is done in two Zoom, Facebook or WhatsApp Video sessions of each about 3 hours long. In these two sessions, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about


The Best Thing About Becoming a Theory Freediver

Not only will you learn all of the important theory we just discussed but the big advantage of doing this 2-day course is that after you get certified you will get access to the free dry-training parts of Molchanovs base training systems.

Molchanovs Wave 1 Badge

Molchanovs Theory 1 Certification

In two 3-hour online sessions, your instructor will introduce you to the world of freediving. In these two days, you will get a proper understanding of the physiology involved with freediving – why we can dive as deep as we do. We’ll teach you how freedivers breath. We’ll teach you different relaxation techniques, and we’ll teach how to safely freedive. Other topics we cover are equalisation, gear and much much more. The T1 course is a lot of fun and packed with lot’s of useful and necessary information to prepare you for pool and ocean freediving.

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    Cost: $85
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    Duration: Two sessions, ~3 hour each
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    Prerequisites: Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent) and be able to swim 200m without fins and without any buoyancy devices.
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    Developed by: Molchanovs
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    Participants: max. 8
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    Instructor: Vincent Sparreboom, Michal Plawski, Ben Yavar, Igor Klimovitsky or Edwin Castillon

Contact us: for scheduling, questions about the course or program please contact us.

Next Live Webinar: October 7, 8:00 pm (GMT+8, Philippine Time)


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