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Maybe you plan on travelling to Panglao for your freediving training. Perhaps you have access to a lake throughout the year, or maybe you have seasonal access to a dive spot. It doesn’t matter; Master freedivers should be capable of planning and scheduling their training. Training hard is great, but training smart is more important, especially in a sport like freediving where over-training is very common.

When you start diving deeper than -20 meter things change – things should change! You can not just go diving every day doing repetitive dives without a specific purpose. Same applies to pool training. The moment you start doing 50’s in dynamic or even dynamic nofins, you shouldn’t just do some laps.

Master freedivers do dives with a purpose, they train with goals and develop plans! And this is exactly what Vincent the owner of the Freedive Academy Panglao – who is also an SSI Freedive Instructor Training, SSI Swim Teach Trainer, Molchanovs Instructor Trainer and former competitive depth diver will teach you during this 100% free 2-hour webinar.


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Vincent Sparreboom

Freediving Training, Planning and Scheduling

Master freedivers don’t just go out to do some fun dives. They think about what they need. They will look at their timelines, plan and schedule their training and do training sessions with a purpose, with a goal and don’t just ‘wing it’ or ‘see what happens’ when they head out for the ocean or pool. Vincent will teach the audience why and when to do certain dives, how to approach long-term and short-term scheduling, what to do when you don’t have access to the ocean, what kind of dives or warm-ups you might need, and much much more.

Vincent shares stories about his own training, and teaches you to train smart, effective and practical, how not to overtrain and how to get the most out of your training while keeping it fun. In about 2 hours, we’ll discuss different goals, time plans and schedule the training accordingly. The free webinar ‘Freediving Training, Planning and Scheduling’ is suited for all freedivers with a Level 2 or Master Level freediving experience.

Disclaimer; during this webinar, we’ll talk about advanced and technical freediving. Please don’t do these dives without proper instruction or doing a master freediving course.

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    Cost: FREE
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    Audience: Level 2 and higher
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    Length: ~120minutes
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    Developed by: Freedive Academy
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    Instructor: Vincent Sparreboom
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    Participants: 10 to 100

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