When we came to Panglao in 2015 and founded FREEDIVE+, we knew there were many (cultural) differences between the English and Chinese team. We didn’t think of it and figured it all would work out. Now early 2019, we know differently and have decided to split up the business into two different companies. This means we’ll have more freedom to cater to the different markets’ wishes and be more effective in offering high-level education.

The Chinese team will continue under the name 自由潜水家 (old Freedive Plus name), and the English team will continue with the name Freedive Academy Panglao.

We’re going to transit slow, and bit-by-bit, you will see the new name popping up. Still, from September 1st 2019, it will only be Freedive Academy Panglao when the English team moves into the brand new center and freediving resort that we’re now working on – it will be incredible!

If you want to book a course with 自由潜水家, please contact them via wechat freediveplus-csr.

To contact the English team, you can still use all the methods you’ve used the past couple of years; the website, email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

We’ll be sharing a lot of exciting news in the coming weeks about the move and developments of the new facility of the Freedive Academy Panglao! Stay tuned!

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