When Sura Dai, Cao Yu, and Vincent Sparrboom came to Panglao in 2015, they founded FREEDIVE+.

The business was set up with a purely Chinese business unit and an international one. However, we knew that there were many (cultural) differences between the English and Chinese teams. We didn’t think of it and figured it all would work out.

Years later, we realised that the 3 owners working together didn’t work out, and in February 2019, we decided to split up the business into two different companies.

The Chinese team moved into a dive center in Tabalong Panglao and continues teaching under the Chinese name 自由潜水家 (old Freedive Plus name), catering to the Chinese market only.

The international team (we) continued with the name Freedive Academy Panglao in the current dive center here in Panglao. The team of the Freedive Academy Panglao serves customers from all countries, and with Emily, the owner being Chinese and several Chinese speaking instructors, we also serve the Chinese market.

If you want to book a course with 自由潜水家, please get in touch with them via wechat freediveplus-csr.

To contact us, you can still use all the methods you’ve used the past couple of years; the website, email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

We are very excited about our developments and are very much looking forward to teaching you all freediving here in tropical Panglao!

Freedive Academy Panglao Logo

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