The lobster neckweights become part of the diver.

The lobster neckweights are an integral part of pool freediving. There is not a competition – or training session where you don’t find the lobster neck weight. Most of the National or World Records set in the past years have been set using Lobster neck weights. If you want to take your pool freediving to the next level, you will love the neckweights from Lobster.

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Lobster Neckweight SetLobster Neckweight Set

Lobster Neckweight Set


Lobster Neckweight

We canceled our official dealership dealership with Lobster. Only a small stock is left in Panglao. Please read the notice below.

The Lobster neck weight is specifically designed for Dynamic Monofin, Bifins, and Nofins. If you are struggling with your buoyancy or trim, you need to try the Lobster neck weight.

The Lobster is hydrodynamic, has an easy and flexible weight system, feels good, and, above all, looks incredible. The Lobster weight system will help you reach your dynamic pool goals and is a must-have for every pool freediver!