Octopus Freediving Gear is Freediving Gear you can Trust!

Everyone in freediving knows the brand Octopus. The company was founded in 2015 by Swiss National Record holder Pascal Berger. Now just a few years later, Octopus Freediving is a household name in freediving.

Octopus Freediving gear has been from the start in 2015 know for its innovative products. They were the first company to come out with a line pulley system, and they were the first to come out with a beautifully crafted equalisation tool, the first to come out with a lanyard stopper. All Octopus Freediving products have their own identity, beautiful design and are efficient into the most delicate details.

Before his freediving career, Pascal was an ambitious product developer, and in each of his products, you can find back his passion for quality, beauty, and performance.

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