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The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation ToolThe ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool

The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool


The ‘EQ Tool’ Equalisation Tool

The EQ Tool is a digital device developed to improve your equalisation skills. By inflating air in your middle ear while at the same time into your equalisation tool, the pressure in your upper airway increases and is measured. The Eustachian tube opens, and the eardrum vibrates. Air pressure is measured by a wireless sensor connected to a mobile device. Once the data is acquired, we can record and analyse using a dedicated app.

The EQ Tool is a very helpful and beneficial device for all those who practise diving. Training and improving your equalisation techniques such as advanced or sequential Frenzel, the Mouthfill technique and improving the air flow to the upper airway with the reverse packing or the abdominal contractions are all possible with this EQ Tool.

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