The Two Different Counter Ballast Systems

Counter ballast systems aren’t used by everyone in freediving – or even useful for everyone. Counter ballast systems are used by deep divers, dive centres or by organisers of competitions.

The Freedive Academy Panglao offers 2 systems for sale. The inflatable SUP type by 2b Free and the carbon system developed by Apneautic. If you are interested in a system please contact us first before ordering online since we often sell them as attractive packages with freediving rope, bottom plate and weight straps.

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2b Free Counter Ballast System2b Free Counter Ballast System

2b Free Counter Ballast System


2b Free Counter Ballast System

As always, World Champion and World Record holder Alexander Bubenchikov delivers again a very innovative and beautifully crafted item. This time 2b Free comes out with a brand new counter ballast system. This new system is easy to use, looks great and is engineered and built with the same technique used for the 2b Free freediving buoy.

The counter ballast system is 400 x 65 x 15cm, and with the supplied pump, it takes about 10 minutes to set everything up – for this, see the below video. The counter ballast system has a length of about 4 meters and a width of about 65cm. With a pull-up speed of about 1.15 meters per second with a diver from -50 meters with 40kg counter ballast, the system capabilities are more than sufficient.

This system will make deep diving safe and convenient! 

Carbon Counter Ballast SystemCarbon Counter Ballast System

Carbon Counter Ballast System


Carbon Counter Ballast System

This state of the art counter ballast is designed and developed by Apneautic, and as we know from Apneautic, they again over-deliver with high-quality freediving products. This counter ballast system is made of a high-quality carbon frame with breaks and wheels used in the yachting industry.