Dive Computers and Accessories

Many of our guests coming to Panglao for an internship or Zero to Hero ask us the question; what kind of gear do I need to bring or buy? Of course, each diver needs a mask, snorkel, weight belt, fins and wetsuit, but these are all included in the program – unfortunately, dive computers are not available for rent.

Doing a beginner freediving course without a dive computer is fine. Even the level 2 freediving course without one is fine. But when you start the Level 3 or Wave 3 course, you really need to know what you are doing in the water. A proper dive computer tells you your dive times, depths, speed and has several alarms and different notifications. A master freediver diving without a dive computer is diving blind.

There are many different types of dive computers. We recommend the Mares dive computer and, because of its unpreceded reliability, the Suunto D4I Novo.

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