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Double K Coloured Silicone Weight Belt


Double K Silicone Freediving Weight Belt

The stylish Double K weight belt has a smooth shiny finish, a length of 130cm, and is built to outlast all others! The freediving weight belt is made of very durable silicone with a stainless steel high quality buckle.

The silicone material of the weight belt is amongst others resistant to UV and saltwater. This silicone is also slightly more elastic than rubber, and this belt has just the right amount of stretch and hold power for superb comfort and good fit while diving.


Rubber Freediving Weight Belt

$34.00 $28.00

Rubber Freediving Weight Belt

With an overall length of 137cm, our high-quality rubber weight belts are perfect for the freedivers high demands of a proper weight belt. Our freediving weight belt is made of high-quality, durable rubber with a beautifully finished marine grade stainless steel 316 buckle.