The Best Competition Grade Freediving Lanyards

The lanyard market has developed quite rapidly in the last couple of years. Much older and established brands have missed out because of innovating newcomers working with new materials and tests to make the freediving lanyards safer and more durable.

Now we can categorise the lanyards into two, maybe three categories. This would be light, heavy and perhaps a medium-weight lanyard.

By far, our best-selling freediving lanyard is the Go Deep freediving lanyard set with a beautiful no-fins belt, wrist strap and lanyard with an anodised aluminium safety carabiner. This safety lanyard is slightly heavier and more robust than, for example, the very popular 2b Free freediving lanyard, which is extremely light, while the other popular lanyard, the Octopus lanyard, would also fit in a light to medium category.

Which safety lanyard you choose, of course, totally depends on your needs and budget.

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