The Best Competition Grade Freediving Lanyards

The last couple of years, the lanyard market has developed itself quite rapidly. Many of the older and established brands have missed out because of innovating new-comers working with new materials and tests to make the freediving lanyards more safe and durable.

Now we can categorise the lanyards in two, maybe three categories. This would be light, heavy and perhaps a medium weight lanyard. Our best selling freediving lanyard is the LELANG freediving lanyard. This safety lanyard is heavier and more robust than, for example, the 2b Free freediving lanyard, which is extremely light while the Octopus lanyard would fit in a light to medium category.

Which safety lanyard you choose of course totally depends on your needs and budget.

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2b Free Freediving Lanyard


2b Free Freediving Lanyard

The 2b Free Lanyards are ultra-light freediving lanyards designed and produced by Vice World Champion Alexander Bubenchikov. The 2b Free Freediving Lanyards which are handmade, very strong, extremely light, and make no drag underwater. These freediving lanyards are made of high-quality materials for durability, and of course for diver’s safety and convenience.

Octopus Freediving Lanyard


Octopus Freediving Lanyard

We are thrilled to launch the new high-quality AIDA International competition approved Octopus Carbon Lanyard in our freediving store! The Octopus Freediving Lanyard is a new creation by Pascal Berger, a multiple Swiss National Record holder. The lanyard is made with only top-quality materials for your safety and comfort. Compared to steel-made, its carabiner is lighter and with very reliable strength made of carbon composite polymer. You can also fully trust the strength and durability of the 100cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable. Furthermore, the wristband of this carbon lanyard is made of marine-grade polyester velcro. The carbon lanyard is fully water-resistant and has an easy to use quick-release feature in case of entangling. Designed and tested by an actual freediver, and with Carbon, the Octopus Freediving Lanyard makes a smart choice in the market!

Molchanovs Freediving Lanyard


Molchanovs Freediving Lanyards

The Molchanovs Freediving Lanyards are competition grade lanyards, developed by the Freediving World Champion and multiple World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov. They’re high-quality safety gear recognised by AIDA International and approved to be used for top world competitions. All metal parts of the Molchanovs Freediving Lanyard are made of quality marine stainless steel. In addition, its premium Italian-made carabiner is easy to use and would glide along smoothly even on a very thick rope. The lanyard cuff can be easily detached especially for emergencies. It comes in 6 different colours, and has an overall length of 115 cm and weighs 250 grams.

Double K Freediving Lanyard


Double K Freediving Lanyards

Double K freediving lanyards are made by freedivers for freedivers. They are reliable and ideal for training and for diving to great depths. Double K lanyards are made of durable high quality materials for diver’s safety and convenience.

Lelang Freediving LanyardLelang Freediving Lanyard Red

LeLang Freediving Lanyard


LeLang Freediving Lanyards

The LeLang freediving lanyard is our best selling lanyard – online and in the dive centre in Panglao!

And it is quite clear why this safety lanyard is our most popular freediving lanyard. The lanyard has a beautiful finish, is well constructed and robust and has a more than reasonable price. It is the first and only freediving lanyard available with a price below $50, and this is quite surprising seeing the quality built, and the high-grade and durable materials used here.