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Aqualung Sphera Freediving Mask


Aqualung Sphera Freediving Mask

Dubbed as one of the best freediving masks in the market, Aqualung Sphera grabs your attention at first glance with its snug fit and sleek design. Aqualung boasts of the mask’s twin Plexisol® lenses separated by a narrow bridge that provide 180-degree visibility – a vista that no other freediving mask can offer. Its soft silicone skirt, slim strap, and minimalist buckles make the mask comfortable and easy to adjust. It also lessens underwater drag and has a low internal volume – a huge plus for freedivers. With all these factors, it can be argued that Sphera is THE BEST freediving mask – one that can definitely maximize your underwater experience.

Scubapro Steelcom Freediving Mask


Scubapro Steelcom Mask

The ultimate freediving mask, the dual lens Scubapro Steelcom is particularly well-suited to deep diving. It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalising is easy. Plus, on descents, the mask itself compresses, so equalisation is not required as often. Top-quality plus ‘Flat, Ultra Clear,’ scratch-resistant glass guarantees a distortion-free view of the underwater world.

Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar


Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar

FREEDIVE+ introduces to you the new Double K top-of-the-line Freediving Mask that will take the top of a fantastic ‘lining’ to Double K’s suits.

Jaguar masks are designed to compensate for the loss of the lens due to increased pressure as the depth of the dive deepens. The design is basic but the chicest “all black” and transparent “aqua” in two types, according to the design, was released in five types.