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Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag


Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag

The 2018 Lightweight Molchanovs Monofin Bag is made of a very durable yet lightweight fabric and sewn with tear-resistant thread. The monofin bag is specially designed for a hassle-free packing. Your monofin, snorkel, belt, mask, and other small accessories will fit comfortably in the stylish and vibrant Molchanovs Lightweight Monofin Bag and all your gear will be safe from scratches and direct sunlight exposure for a convenient, worry-free diving trip!

Monofin Protection Plate


Monofin Protection Plate (Polycarbonate)

The monofin protection plate will allow you to transport your monofin without the chance of damaging and will take your travel worries away. This polycarbonate protective cage successfully passed the drop test fully loaded from a height of two meters.

Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag


Monofin Travel Bag

You want to travel with your monofin and diving gear safely? The Molchanovs Monofin Travel Bag is what you need! This bag is essential for hassle-free travelling. Primarily designed to fit in and protect your monofin, diving gears and accessories. The outer material is water and abrasion resistant. For additional protection, plastic inserts are being used to harden the bag. With this monofin travel bag, you can now carry all your freediving essentials with style and ease. It has a 23-kilogram recommended maximum capacity. Now available in 4 vibrant colours!

Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2


Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2

The Molchanovs Sport Monofin S2 is undoubtedly the best choice for elite freediving competitors! It has a more extensive and stronger blade-base, and a softened edge for an almost effortless powerful kick— definitely designed for the big win! This Molchanovs fibreglass sports monofin resonates excellence. The lighter, thinner, and more responsive blade is made of ultra-high compression fibreglass. The customised foot pockets are amazingly comfortable, optionally made with arch support and soft rubber linings. This monofin can easily and safely take you any depth you want! Another best value for money from Molchanovs!

Molchanovs Fiberglass Monofin F1


Molchanovs Fiberglass Monofin F1

The Molchanovs Monofin F1 is one of the best competitive freediving monofins in the world. It is undoubtedly the best choice if you’re looking for quality and affordability! This fibreglass monofin is designed and tested by the “deepest man” in freediving, the multiple World Record holder, and freediving World Champion Alexey Molchanov. The Molchanovs Monofin F1 guarantees comfort as its fibreglass blade is hand-layered, with Immersion or Pathos foot pockets, and assembled only by the finest craftsmen in the industry to ensure maximum comfort.No other brand offers the same craftsmanship and quality within this price range – a perfect example of a smart buy!

Fibreglass Training Monofin


Molchanovs Training Monofin

The Molchanov fibreglass training monofin is designed explicitly for freedive training. These fins are handmade with a fibreglass plate and high-quality rubber foot pockets to give you maximum comfort during your training.

Heavy Duty WaterWay Monofin Bag


Heavy Duty Monobag

WaterWay’s monobag just received an upgrade by going heavy duty! This new bag from WaterWay can store and carry up to 23 kg. What’s more, it also has the side strap and two back straps like your much-loved monobag, but created with added comfort and durability. Go heavy duty and your trips will be breezy!

Waterway Monofin Bag


Waterway Monobag

There is no better storage case or travel bag for your monofin than WaterWay’s very own monobag. The monobag comes with a side strap and a back strap for the best use and comfort. Whether you are flying via plane or on a boat to your dive site, it is ideal to have the monobag. So get your very own monobag now and carry your fin with you wherever you go!

WaterWay FishTail Glide Monofin


FishTail Glide Monofin

The Fishtail Glide Monofin is a new version of the well-known Glide. The fishtail is the new shape that leads to more responsiveness, better power efficiency, and better depth. The fin is ideal for underwater diving and finswimming, and even competitive free diving and finswimming for immersion distances. The new fishtail blade is custom-made and hand-made for free divers. The fin also has WaterWay’s revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that are both sturdy and provide the best grip. The right size of foot pockets can definitely lead to the best possible energy transfer. Take a dive with the Fishtail Glide Monofin and feel the difference!

WaterWay Freediving Lite Glide-fin


Freediving Lite Glide-fin

Fans of the Freediving Glide-fin can check out the lite version – the WaterWay Freediving Lite Glide-fin. Compared to the original monofin, the Lite Glide-fin only weighs a fraction at 3 kg. The lite glide-fin’s blade is more lightweight and offers a multitude of blade stiffness and colors for free divers to choose from. WaterWay takes pride in the monofin’s new softer foot pockets, where soft neoprene is glued in the inside of the foot pockets. The right fit for you can make you stay and swim in the water for hours. It’s about time that you find that right light fit to your free diving adventures!

WaterWay Carbon Glide-fin Monofin


Freediving Carbon Glide-fin

The Freediving Carbon Glide-fin is a leader in high-performance monofins. The monofin’s blade is made of lightweight carbon fiber that enables the free diver to go deeper for longer periods of time. WaterWay offers different blade stiffness levels to choose from, depending on your fin use and diving style. It also has revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets that come in different combinations of lengths and widths. The level of customization and the open-heel design ensure optimal grip and efficient energy transfer. The combination of the WaterWay brand, and the attestation of world record-holders prove that indeed, the Freediving Carbon Glide-fin is one of the best in the world.

WaterWay Nemo Wing Monofin


WaterWay Nemo Wing Monofin

The Nemo Wing is especially designed for recreational diving and swimming. Teenagers and adults alike can enjoy this product if they want to enjoy free diving as a past time or as an exercise regimen. The Nemo Wing is also versatile – it’s the right fin to bring swimming in the river, lake, or ocean. It’s indeed perfect for the outdoors! You can have fun and have an enjoyable time reaching new speeds and depths with its flexible blade. Making your outdoor trips and workout times more enjoyable and comfortable – this is what the Nemo Wing Monofin is all about. Go buy it now!