Freediving Wetsuits & Accessories

We decided to focus on a few brands we’ve worked with – and worn for years ourselves!

The freediving wetsuits can be divided into custom or tailor-made freediving suits. However, we highly recommend ordering a tailor-made freediving suit when investing in a freediving suit. We don’t even offer off-the-shelve suits with brands like Elios since tailor-made Elios freediving suits are only $30 more expensive than the standard size.

Go Deep and Double K only sell tailor-made suits. Both Bestdive and Trudive have a large selection of standard freediving suits while ordering a tailor-made suit is also possible for an additional $65 for Bestdive and $75 for Trudive.

The best selling 2021 suit (online and in Panglao) has been the tailor-made Go Deep freediving wetsuit which is currently on sale for $390.

The types of freediving wetsuits we sell are the smoothskin wetsuit, the bikini wetsuit, and we even have a few nylon freediving wetsuits that we sell regularly.

If you have any questions regarding the wetsuits, measurements, or any other matters, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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