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Safe Sea Sun and Jellyfish Protection


Safe Sea Sun and Jellyfish Protection

Jellyfish are beautiful sea creatures but when they sting, symptoms can range from mild irritation to extreme pain and rash. Safe Sea is unlike any other sun lotion. Safe Sea is the only protective lotion in the world which is able to block those nasty jellyfish stings. Safe Sea’s jellyfish and sea lice protection is unprecedented.

Safe Sea has a SPF 95 sunscreen block and has a higher UV protection than any other products available. It is a water resistant sunblock which can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic or perspiring activities.

The Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection and sun lotion is biodegradable and non-toxic for the marine environment. Safe Sea does not actually harm the jellyfish you may encounter…it keeps the jellyfish from stinging you.

We have the 100ml tube which is sold separately or per box of 11 pieces.


Please note: our shipper stopped shipping liquids because of frequent delivery problems with customs. Safe Sea is now only available in Panglao, Philippines.