Bifin Bags and Hard Cases for Freedivers

We all want – and need to protect our precious freediving fins. And there are different ways we can protect our expensive fins while travelling.

We can subdivide this category into 3 groups.

Easy shoulder and hand carry bags like the Molchanovs Bifins Bag. Bags like these are usually only used to travel to and from the dive site since they don’t offer much protection while travelling.

The second group is the more robust backpack which usually offers great protection for travelling by plane or ferry when you’re on a proper vacation. Excellent options here are the Apneaman Bifin Backpack or the Lelang Bifins Bag.

Are you looking for the ultimate protection while travelling, then you need to opt for a hard case like our hard freediving fin case?

Just like our backpacks, the hard cases can store more than just your freediving bifins. You can easily store your other gear like mask, snorkel, weights, and even your freediving wetsuit in the backpacks.

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