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Molchanovs Carbon Competition BifinsMolchanovs Carbon Competition Bifins

Molchanovs Carbon Competition Bifins


Molchanovs Carbon Competition Bifins

If you are a freediving enthusiast who wants and needs only the best fins in the world, the newly upgraded Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C2 2021 are made just for you! These highly innovative Molchanovs Carbon Bifins C2, produced by Molchanovs, have blades carefully hand-made from 100% carbon fibres using the advanced vacuum infusion technology – a procedure that creates exceptionally flexible but powerful blades. These carbon bifins are proven and tested by the 18-time World Record holder, a multiple World Freediving Champion, Alexey Molchanov himself. Alexey got a World Record for the deepest freedive ever made with a depth of -118 meters using these powerful bifins. Grab one of the best bifins available in the market now for an exceptional and smooth freediving adventure!

2b Free Freediving Fins2b Free Freediving Fins

2b Free Freediving Fins


2b Free Freediving Fins

The new 2b Free Freediving Fins are the latest added products to the 2b Free diving gear collection. The freediving fins are made from a carbon and fibreglass mix, making the fins affordable while still being durable and very effective in the kicks.

The freediving fins have a length of 91cm, including the foot pocket, while the blade itself is 75cm with a width of 21cm. The colour of the blades is traditional carbon graphite with 2b Free yellow accents. The carbon/fibreglass blades come in 4 stiffnesses.

The foot pockets used on these 2b Free freediving fins are the C4 400 and come in 6 sizes ranging from 36 to 47.

These fins are very affordable and offer great performance. You can’t go wrong with the 2b Free freediving fins!

Double K Revolution 1 Carbon BifinsDouble K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins

Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins


Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins

Korean freediving manufacturer Double K is upping the game with their new Revolution 1 Carbon Freediving Bifins.

These fins are the first freediving fins with actual foot pockets/shoes mounted to the carbon blade! The foot pockets are made of some of the best neoprene materials available, and the blade is made with high-grade carbon for maximum performance and durability.

You can’t go wrong with these high-quality, high-performance fins from Double K!