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Snorkel Cleaning BrushSnorkel Cleaning Brush

Snorkel Cleaning Brush


Snorkel Cleaning Brush

If you regularly take care of your snorkel, it’s probably best to just buy a simple cleaning solution that you can use to wash your snorkel with. There are plenty of stores that sell basic cleaning solutions that can be mixed together with water to make a very simple yet powerful cleaning solution. Simple detergent or dishwashing soap can be more than sufficient already.

Simply add this solution to a tub or small bath with water, and then let your snorkel soak. Simply soak it in the solution, clean the outside with a sponge, scrub the snorkel inside with this brush and wash off any dirt that may have gotten stuck inside.

If you clean your freediving snorkel regularly, it will keep the snorkel looking as new.