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Double K Silicone Freediving Weight Belt


Double K Silicone Freediving Weight Belt

The stylish Double K silicone freediving weight belt has a smooth, shiny finish, a length of 130cm, and is built to outlast all others! The freediving weight belt is made of very durable silicone with a stainless steel high-quality buckle.

The silicone material of the weight belt is amongst others, resistant to UV and saltwater. This silicone is also slightly more elastic than rubber, and this belt has just the right amount of stretch and holds power for superb comfort and good fit while diving.

Double K 70cm Freediving Buoy


The Double K Freediving Buoy

The Double K Freediving Buoy is probably one of the best engineered, thought over and well designed buoys out there. The buoy meets all the standards, qualifications and requirements for a perfect buoy professionally made for freedivers by freedivers.

The Double K 70cm Freediving buoy is made out of polyester fabric coated canvas, and the bottom is made out of mesh to allow the water to flow freely. The straps are made out of PES, and the buoy has two quality plastic YKK zippers, and Velcro for easy access and durability.

The Double K freediving buoy is one of the best freediving buoys you’ll come around!

Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar


Double K Freediving Mask Jaguar

FREEDIVE+ introduces to you the new Double K top-of-the-line Freediving Mask that will take the top of a fantastic ‘lining’ to Double K’s suits.

Jaguar masks are designed to compensate for the loss of the lens due to increased pressure as the depth of the dive deepens. The design is basic but the chicest “all black” and transparent “aqua” in two types, according to the design, was released in five types.

Double K Freediving Lanyard


Double K Freediving Lanyards

Double K freediving lanyards are made by freedivers for freedivers. They are reliable and ideal for training and for diving to great depths. Double K lanyards are made of durable high quality materials for diver’s safety and convenience.

Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuit


Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits

The Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits are TOP of the line wetsuits for those freedivers who only want the best! The Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuits are made of SCS (Super Composite Skin).

Yamamoto 45 is a top of the range neoprene product with great elasticity to reduce resistance to tears, easier to wear and comfortable either when worn dry or wet. The low resistance of SCS gives the freediving wetsuits many advantages. It helps increasing speed when diving or swimming. It keeps the body warmer and decrease body fatigue. It also has high stretch ability providing comfort and extra freedom of movement.

You can’t go wrong with the new line of Double K; the Yamamoto 45 sport wetsuits.

The Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins


Double K Revolution 1 Carbon Bifins

Korean freediving manufacturer Double K is upping the game with their new Revolution 1 Carbon Freediving Bifins.

These fins are the first freediving fins that come with actual footpockets/shoes mounted to the carbon blade! The footpockets are made of some of the best neoprene materials available, and the blade is made with high grade carbon for maximum performance and durability.

You can’t go wrong with these high quality high performance fins from Double K!