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Rubber Freediving Buoy InnertubeRubber Freediving Buoy Innertube

Rubber Freediving Buoy Innertube


Innertube for a Freediving Buoy

There is no need to worry about bad fitting and low-quality innertubes anymore. These innertubes made of natural rubber are of high quality! They are very durable, wear-resistant, and have a small valve so tearing up your wetsuit while jumping on the buoy to pull up the line isn’t a problem.

These innertubes are of such quality that they have been issued with an ISO9001:2008 and ccc /fcc certification.

Apneautic Freediving Buoy InnertubeApneautic Freediving Buoy Innertube

Apneautic Freediving Buoy Innertube


Apneautic Innertube

The Apneautic innertubes are a replacement for the traditional rubber car innertubes used on most freediving buoys. These new and more luxury innertubes have a perfect fit, are easy to inflate and deflate and have a long lifespan. These new PVC innertubes come with a simple welded valve and a more fancy boat valve.