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Molchanovs Sport Monofin CM3Molchanovs Sport Monofin CM3

Molchanovs Sport Monofin CM3


Molchanovs Sport Monofin CM3

The Custom Made Molchanovs Sport Monofin CM3 is undoubtedly the best choice for elite freediving competitors!

This new monofin has a more extensive and stronger blade-base and a softened edge for an almost effortless powerful kick – definitely designed for the big win! This Molchanovs fibreglass sports monofin resonates excellence. The lighter, thinner and more responsive blade is made of ultra-high compression fibreglass. The customised foot pockets are amazingly comfortable, optionally made with arch support and soft rubber linings. This monofin can quickly and safely take you to any depth you want! Another incredible and high-performance product from Molchanovs!