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Lobster Neckweight SetLobster Neckweight Set

Lobster Neckweight Set


Lobster Neckweight

We canceled our official dealership dealership with Lobster. Only a small stock is left in Panglao. Please read the notice below.

The Lobster neck weight is specifically designed for Dynamic Monofin, Bifins, and Nofins. If you are struggling with your buoyancy or trim, you need to try the Lobster neck weight.

The Lobster is hydrodynamic, has an easy and flexible weight system, feels good, and, above all, looks incredible. The Lobster weight system will help you reach your dynamic pool goals and is a must-have for every pool freediver!

Apneautic Neck WeightApneautic Neck WeightOut of stock

Apneautic Neck Weight


Apneautic Neck Weight

Apneautic has developed this sophisticated freediving neck weight for easily attaching and detaching weight segments.

This new and unique system will help you to easily adjust and correct your weights in the pool within a few seconds. This neck weight is useful for active freedivers and especially beneficial for instructors and freediving schools. Now during the classes, the instructors can quickly adjust the weights for students within a few seconds. The instructor can change the optimal weight for his students and make it possible for them to progress rapidly.

2mm Lead Balls for Freediving Neck Weights

2mm Lead Balls for Freediving Neck Weights


2mm Lead Balls

We use these 2mm lead balls for the production of our freediving neck weights. The traditional freediving neck weights are made out of a bicycle tire inner tube, with a quick release buckle and covered in electrical tape. The advantage of these traditional neck weights is that they’re not expensive, while we can use them in both the pool and in the depth disciplines.

Premium Quick Release Buckle

Premium Quick Release Buckle

Premium Quick Release Buckle

We are very pleased with these high-quality quick-release buckles. They are usually used in baby carriers and thus are very reliable and durable. These quick-release buckles come with a safety lock which makes the buckle quite unique. Of course, the safety lock is optional to use.

The assembled buckle’s outer sizes are approximately 7.5 x 4.5cm, while the belt space is approximately 3.5cm x 4mm.

Binstok Studio Freediving Neck WeightBinstok Studio Freediving Neck WeightOut of stock

Binstok Studio Freediving Neck Weight


Freediving Neck Weight

This freediving neck weight is quite different from any other neck weights currently produced, and we like it a lot. This neck weight is developed and produced by Binstok studios, and unlike other freediving neck weights – usually the traditional innertube-type neck weights – this neck weight is easily adjustable. The neck weight can be used in the pool and the depth disciplines.

This freediving neck weight by Binstock Studio is new, innovative, and a must-have for every freediver diving in the pool and ocean.