Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuit Hawaii


Double K Yamamoto #45 Wetsuit Hawaii

The Double K Yamamoto #45 SCS Wetsuits are TOP of the line wetsuits for freedivers who only want the best! In 2021 Double K came out with a new line of wetsuits, of which this Yamamoto #45 SCS Hawaii freediving wetsuit is its crown jewel.

This Hawaii Yamamoto freediving wetsuit is the first of its kind in a 3 colour pattern – it is an absolutely stunning wetsuit. The wetsuit comes in 3 thicknesses. Has a nylon open-cell inside and the Yamamoto 45 smoothskin with Super Composite Skin (SCS) outside.

This freediving wetsuit looks amazing, feels super comfortable on the skin, is resistant to tears, has very low water resistance, and keeps the body warm and protected against the elements.

If you are looking for the best, don’t look further, this is the best freediving wetsuit ever produced!


Double K Yamamoto #45 SCS Freediving Wetsuit Hawaii

The brothers Kang didn’t hold back when developing the next generation of freediving wetsuits. The Korean producer of premium freediving gear has been making premium wetsuits for many years already. Double K was one of the first producers of freediving wetsuits to came out with a two-tone suit. In 2021, Double K takes it to a whole other level with a spectacular looking Yamamoto #45 wetsuit called ‘Hawaii’.

The outside of the Hawaii freediving wetsuit is made from Yamamoto 45 with an SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating. Yamomoto is a Japanese producer of top-of-the-range neoprene products. Yamamoto 45 is their top-of-the-line product that offers great elasticity, is highly resistant, offers super low water resistance, and keeps the freedivers warm and comfortable.

The inside of this freediving wetsuit is open-cell nylon, making it more durable and easy for the freediver to get in or out – in both dry and wet.

This freediving wetsuit is the vision of what we can expect in the coming years from the wetsuit industry. The freediving wetsuits become more stylish and of higher quality, and of course, we see Double K leading the industry.


Special Features:

  • Yamamoto #45 SCS 2, 3 and 5mm Fabric

  • Waist Type

  • Ultra low resistance when wet or dry

  • Enhanced comfort

  • High heat retention

  • Low Buoyancy/High Flexibility

  • Excellent strength and elasticity

  • Velcro beaver tail

  • High durability


For ordering;

1) Place the order here on the website with your desired thickness and the colours of parts A, B and C.
2) Download the original Double K size chart xlsx file;
3) measure and fill in the sizes on the xlsx file;
4) send the file via email to [email protected] for review.

Our team will get in touch and confirm the production and expected delivery time – usually around 6 weeks or so.


The Freedive Academy loves Double K!

If you’ve visited us in Panglao for a freediving course or master training, you probably know it already. You have seen the freediving wetsuits. For many years they have been our preferred supplier of high-quality freediving wetsuits. Many of our instructors have worn them, and we, as Freedive Academy, we’re very proud to do so.

As freediving professionals, whether it be as an athlete or instructor, you are demanding a lot from your gear, wearing it every day – sometimes twice a day, and in different environments. The Double K freediving wetsuits have never let us down, and working with Double K has always been a pleasure.

We highly recommend Double K as your go-to brand for high-quality freediving wetsuits.

Over the years, I have worn many different freediving suits. For me, it doesn’t get better than a beautifully crafted 2mm Double K Yamamoto freediving suit. I’ve used them for competition, teaching and many, many fun dives. This is Double K freediving wetsuit is the best suit out there [period]

Vincent – Owner of the Freedive Academy

Vincent Sparreboom
Vincent in Double K Wetsuit

Additional information


2mm, 3mm, 5mm


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